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SBI MLS Player of the Week: David Ferreira

FerreiraPOW (Reuters) 

Reigning MLS MVP David Ferreira needed a few games to get going, but he finally flashed the form that won him league honors in 2010 by scoring two goals in FC Dallas' first win of the season last Friday. His performance in the 3-0 win against the Colorado Rapids earned Ferreira SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

There were some worthy candidates for the honors this week, including Real Salt Lake midfielder Collen Warner, Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham and Seattle Sounders striker O'Brian White to name a few, but Ferreira's performance stood out from the rest.

You can see Ferreira's goals here and here.

What did you think of Ferreira's performance? Did he get your Player of the Week vote? Who do you think deserved the honors this week?

Share your thoughts below.


  • Fernando

    For some reason, I cannot stand Ferreira. He’s probably one of my least favorite players in the MLS. I hate the pacifier celebration too.


  • roger

    I’m asking for too much but I wish there were clips of worthy candidates. It is hard to throw out a name without seeing everyone.


  • Mike

    Did he get a yellow card for the pacifier celebration? If not, should he have? I think so.


  • bob

    you must be mentally ill, he is one of the best players in MLS. He is not a hack, does not dive, he makes wonderful passes and goals. He is a stand up guy.


  • Frank

    Absolutely agree. I wish players would think of a more mature way to celebrate goals.


  • bob

    The only rule is that you can’t take off your shirt. Why because some players were taking their shirts off and had an under shirt that stated they loved Jesus.

    Who cares how anyone celebrates.


  • pat

    David Beckham was a worthy candidate for what exactly? Most vicious scissor tackle from behind? Luckiest to not have gotten a straight red? Best player-assistant ref (as he waved his arms at Abbey a every perceived foul and then Abbey decided whether to make the call or not)?


  • Kid Presentable!!!

    He played box to box all night with effectiveness on a night that if it where not for a blatant dive on charlie davies part, the galaxy would have won. Thats why he merits consideration.


  • pat

    he shouldn’t have played more than 40 minutes, after this:

    the impact of which was enough to soak his own ankle with blood (which he didn’t even have to get sent off to get cleaned up)


  • Kid Presentable!!!

    Im not defending beckham at all.. it was a nasty challenge.. do i think it deserved a red.. honestly? no.. in my opinion… and mind you im not a ref, im a rapper.. he went to ball first. It was a hard yellow card tackle.


  • scott47a

    You really don’t like good soccer players?

    The guy was well-deserving of MLS MVP last year. And I’m no Dallas supporter.

    But Ferreira is really good. I wonder what your issue is?


  • anon

    Credit to Fabian Castillo for the nice feed on the first goal. Castillo has a lot of speed and some good moves, so I think he can help Dallas quite a bit.


  • el guanaco

    ferreira played great…just like a reigning MVP is supposed to. so my vote would’ve gone to collen warner who aptly filled in for javi, collected 2 assists, played box to box, and led a group of reserves to victory over a revolution team that had been playing pretty well. pretty incredible effort…


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