SBI Stoppage Time

SBI Stoppage Time: Dynamo 1, Red Bulls 1

SBI Stoppage Time- RBNY Wrap Week 3 2011 v. Dynamo from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • jackie

    Ives – Free Advice –

    For your own health, please go on a DIET. Protein Shakes w/excerise will help


  • wally

    I’m starting to doubt that Henry will every be an impact striker again. While he’s certainly helped RBNY with his class, vision and ball control, his incredible strike rate in europe was fueled by his awesome speed, which he really doesn’t have anymore. I hope he can adapt his game and fine some sharpness, but I don’t think he’s gonna be a top five scorer in MLS.


  • Matt S

    Speed or not, someone of his caliber should be able to hit a shot with some power and conviction. Whenever he takes a shot he looks more like a defender passing a ball back to his own keeper instead of a forward trying to knock it past the keeper.

    Maybe his training stint with Arsenal in the off season and the “pass it into the net” mentality they seem to appreciate has (re)rubbed off on him.


  • Scott A

    I still think he’ll improve and score some goals to add to the other ways he helps the team, but yeah, don’t see him being a top five scorer.


  • Northzax

    Great ball from Quaranta to Brettschneider. He’ll want that one back. Wait. This isn’t the DCU-COL live thread? Ok, return to talking about Henri.


  • Lawrence

    Ives is fine.

    But as US soccer fans, we should all know the appropriate way to get fit: Beep Test.


  • Steve T.

    Totally inappropriate jakie. If you are truly concerned, send him an email.


  • Brit

    I think its more that he’s being relied on more for creation than he was at Arsenal or Barcelona. He should really benefit from a play-making midfielder like De-Ro coming in


  • Jon L.

    Henry will obviously never regain his dominant form, but hopefully he will be able to help this team to the playoffs and possibly a Cup.


  • joejoe

    Oh please. What are you the PC police? Ives is fat and the man gave him friendly advice. Get over it.


  • abc

    It’s not about being PC, it’s about being totally irrelevant to this thread about Dynamo-NYRB.


  • Atlético Union City

    Jackie, whether well-meaning or not, you come off as a jerk with your comment. What business is it of yours to comment on a person’s appearence when it’s completely irrelevent to the topic at hand. Keep your observations to yourself huh…


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