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TFC adds defender Eckersley

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Having already added a boatload of new faces in the off-season, Toronto FC has found one more European player to bring in and bolster the defense.

TFC has brought in defender Richard Eckersley on loan from Burnley. A right back by trade, Eckersley previously played for TFC director of player development Paul Mariner at Plymouth Argyle.

Eckersley, 22, will be expected to challenge for the starting right back position with Dan Gargan. A former Manchester United youth player, Eckersley has bounced around in England's lower leagues, including stints with Bradford City and Bury.

  • Ossington Mental Youth

    id be willing to bet we will be ridding of a player (most likely a defender). Id put Sturgis or Gargan on the chopping block.


  • Josh D

    Great player – remember him from his days on United’s reserve team. Had high hopes for him back then. As a DC fan, this is a good move for TFC (one of the few)…


  • alex

    ^ What kind of player are we expecting here?

    CB with ball skills? Fullback with range to get up and down the flank?


  • miked.

    Is it still the case in MLS that any team bringing in a player on loan must also have the option to buy that player? Or did I simply miss that rule change?


  • doug

    it would be pretty sad if TFC dumped sturgis only months after trading their 1st pick in the draft to get him …. and him missing most of that time due to injury.


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    he hasnt exactly been favored under Winter and when he has played hasnt looked that good, we’ve got quite a few players that can play his position better than him and we are in need of a striker. No big deal, we lost a draft pick, we also gained one in the NY trade, also we are now more reliant on our academy then the NCAA


  • scott47a

    I’m sure Seattle would welcome back Sturgis in a second if TFC lets him go.

    Good depth player at holding mid and outside back. Can’t believe a team that had to start Cann at left back would be cutting players as good as Sturgis.


  • Sean

    Think a homeless man’s John Terry. Good on the ball, strong in the air, good marker and tackler, but he was never cut out for the Premier League


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