TFC trade DeRo to Red Bulls in blockbuster (OFFICIAL)

DwayneDeRosario (ISIPhotos.com)

The New York Red Bulls have acquired Canadian national team star Dwayne DeRosario in a trade with Toronto FC, sources have confirmed to SBI.

The trade, which will send Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first round pick in 2012, will be announced this afternoon.

MLS is finalizing details on the first blockbuster trade of the new year.

No, this is not an April Fool's Joke.

Toronto FC has been shopping DeRosario for much of the off-season and found a taker in the Red Bulls, who were desperate for a star playmaker.

(UPDATE-After we first reported this trade in the afternoon it hit a snag caused by concerns over a criminal charge on the record of one of the players involved. MLS was able to sort that issue out to allow the deal to be completed later on Friday.)

DeRosario had expressed unhappiness with his contract situation with Toronto FC. New York currently has an available third Designated Player slot but it is unclear whether the Red Bulls would sign DeRosario to a DP contract.

Toronto FC adds a pair of players who can help right away in Tchani and Borman, while also adding a first-round draft pick, which technical director Paul Mariner will be able to utilize. Mariner has a track record as one of the best judges of American college talent.

The addition of DeRosario makes the Red Bulls an even stronger title contender, with a midfield now boasting Joel Lindpere, Teemu Tainio, Dane Richards and DeRosario.

What do you think of this trade?

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  • fischy

    The NY Post was reporting a couple of days that the team was actively pursuing a #10 player. It would seem they meant DeRo.


  • alex

    As a TFC fan I honestly think this is ok.

    Yeah Dero is more talent than we’ll be getting back, but Tchani really is the two way mid we need next to De Guzman to make the 4-3-3 work.

    Extra cap space can be used to sign new talent (probably in a DP spot) if we think about this astutely.

    Short term, its a little ugly … long run i think we’ll be all right.


  • fischy

    NY got the better of the deal. Tchani will never be in the same class, and the first round pick will be at the end of the round. No great shakes. Toronto will be a little deeper, which will help them, but NY got the best of this deal.


  • wally

    hmm. This is clearly a good short-term deal for NYRB, but I liked Tchani alot and see him becoming a very good box to box guy. Not so happy about this. Would rather it were a joke.


  • Murphy

    So true! I can’t believe they can’t find a keeper better than those two in the U.S.


  • CSD

    I heard the legal problems were the result of DeRosario trying to cash an invalid check. He was arrested for bank fraud when he tried to cash one of those checks he wrote on his hand. Good to see it got all cleared up.


  • Sean

    I wonder if DeRo to NYRB will raise or lower Agudelo’s goal total this season.


  • ...

    Why does everyone harp on NY’s goalkeepers? Bouna can’t take goalkicks, but he had a franchise-record 11 shutouts last season. This season both Sutton and THIRD choice Horvath had shutouts in their games. NY’s keepers are fine.


  • Big Chil

    To an extent, yes. Without looking it up, you have to reside in the U.S. for about 75% of the time while waiting for citizenship status. Tchani could always live in Niagra Falls, NY and commute an hour and a half each way…

    That’s another thing that’s interesting about soccer trades is that they can impact a player’s citizenship plans.


  • CACuzcatlan

    Maybe finish the year in NY, then try to get on board with Vancouver or Montreal before retiring.


  • northzax

    you mean the one that runs from January 15-April 15 this year? that transfer window?

    or the one that would in no way affect the transfer of players inside MLS, since it only matters for transfers between federations? (actually, this is an interesting question: does the window affect MLS US-Canada trades, or is there an exemption for the league?)

    hate to be so snarky, but since you were…


  • northzax

    sure, but it’s not active, it’s passive (as currently used) therefore you need a linking verb “do” in this case, or ‘are’ if you make it present tense (‘crying’)

    words matter, even to red bull fans.


  • Alex

    except for one that said “this is an april fool’s joke” and one that said “this is not an april fool’s joke.”


  • ben

    Love all the comments that NY should have traded Ballouchy instead. Doesn’t anyone consider that maybe TFC wanted something of value in return for a star? No one in their right mind would trade DeRo for Ballouchy. All these years later I’m still shocked Colorado traded Beckerman to my boys for him!


  • Ben

    Haha, despite the the insistence that this wasn’t an April Fools, I still thought it was. Wow, as a Red Bulls fan, I’m thrilled. Yes, I would have rather traded Ballouchy instead, as some other people have pointed out, but that would have been highway robbery, not a trade. I do hope Tchani can continue to improve and grow as TFC. Anyone who is a Red Bulls fan has to be completely thrilled; this team is going to be fun to watch. Marquez and Ream out of the back, Taino and Rosarioi in the middle, Agudelo and Henry up front, thank you very much.


  • rafavic

    This looks like the move that puts them over the top but really how many times have the Red Bulls had teams that look like beasts on paper on the fold like paper when the games are being played. Lets see what they look like at the all star break.


  • Kevin Smith

    I’m not entirely sure you’re correct, I seem to remember hearing that Cann was promised a raise by Mo Johnson – the same person who would have promised DeRo a raise.

    Right, Canadian Soccer News reports showed that Cann claimed to have been promised around 140k.


  • salim

    Good move for DeRosario. Toronto FC suck. That told lies to DeRosario. The guy deserves better. I hope they pay him well.


  • Raff

    “No, this is not an April Fool’s Joke.” Well that’s what I thought first.


  • Brad Minter

    I may have wrong, as a guy that doesnt work in any system, is offsides way too much, has a problem looking up, steals chances from his teammates, he somehow found a way to winning four MLS Cups…


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