Under-20 World Cup

U.S. U-20s prepare for 2011 World Cup qualifier: Behind the scenes

  • Micah King

    If you fell so bad why are you laughing and cracking jokes on the board if you feel so bad. Or is this fail sarcasm. -___-


  • socrates

    Interesting that Rongen’s own diagram looks more like a 4-5-1 than a 4-3-3. At 0:27 it looks like:

    Eder Kelyn Bobby
    Perry Seb
    Greg Gale [illegible – but was Ibeagha] Z


  • Jacob A

    Nice to see our young guys getting these crazy as crap Central American experiences under their belt now. England’s or France’s U-21s probably don’t get much of some of the stuff our guys do.


  • Aquaman

    Note to self: Do not make fun of Perry Kitchen and/or his physique. The locals get riled up.


  • Turgid Jacobian

    I don’t know, I imagine you see quite a bit of craziness playing for your supper in Europe.


  • wilyboy

    I really wish Kitchen was on their backline. He’s so solid. I fear he’s wasted midfield.


  • offcolorcommentary

    Knuckle bump!! Seriously.. how long has Rongen been the U-20 head coach?? Time to move on!


  • Hush

    This U.S team plays beautiful! I’m very proud of our youth systems.

    On a brighter note, I hope Andy Najar enjoys his the sub-20 W.C on TV!lol Sucka!:)
    I wish him a healthy career, but a crappy MNT career.:) just like I wish rossi, sub,hoyos, etc… sounds horrible I know, but that’s sports my friends!;)

    Guatemala get ready for a lesson in Futbol!


  • M

    He had an ankle injury playing for 1860 munich and so he has had that injury coming into camp.
    However, I am not sure how serious it is.

    In his latest interview with mls.com

    He said “It’s the same issue in the back of his knee that has been bothering him since January; Wood says it flared up in Guatemala.”


  • abc

    Why would Kitchen be “wasted” in midfield? One, I believe it’s his preferred position. Two, he plays plenty of defense still.

    I do think we’re better with Kitchen at CB and Okugo in the midfield, I guess I just have a problem with your use of the word wasted…


  • PetedeLA

    Is it just me or does the “rapport” Rongen has with his players seem totally forced and artificial?

    When I look at the players’ body language I just see “Who is this weirdo?”


  • George Costanza

    Rongen is out of his element. It is embarrassing that he is the coach of our nation’s top youth development side. He completely spoke in generalizations and slogans. We need a calm and composed coach, not some psychopath.


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