Who would you like to see at left back for the USMNT?

Who would you like to see at left back for the USMNT?

U.S. Men's National Team

Who would you like to see at left back for the USMNT?

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Help Wanted

A natural left back. Must be quick, naturally left-footed, a good crosser, solid defender and not prone to blunders. If interested, please contact Bob Bradley at 555-NEED-A-LB

This ad isn't a real one, but it may as well be given the U.S. national team's continued lack of a natural left back option.

Carlos Bocanegra can do a solid job defensively, and his work as a left back in Ligue 1 in recent years has been steady, but you can argue he's a better centerback and not the attacking fullback option you think of when considering the ideal left back.

Jonathan Bornstein has tried to fill the role many times, but more often than not he has underwhelmed, and at times he has been downright awful. he was steadier in the World Cup, which gave us some hope that perhaps he would finally become the player Bob Bradley has been hoping to develop into the position, but shaky showings against Brazil and Paraguay have left far more doubts.

Here is are question for you. If it isn't Carlos Bocanegra, who seems like the most logical choice to play left back until a more natural alternative develops, then who would you like to see play left back?

Here are some candidates to consider (as well as a chance for you to tell us who YOU would like to see there):

Heath Pearce. Back in 2008 he was thought as very good candidate to take the job, but he has slipped by the wayside in the past year despite showing well in MLS last year (though at right back). He's fast, can cross well and is a steady defender. 

Bobby Convey. Had a stellar 2010 for the San Jose Earthquakes, though more of it was spent on the left wing than at left back. He's gone on record as saying he doesn't think Bob Bradley will ever call him in, and there's an old rumor of a rift between the two. If Convey keeps playing well in MLS the clamor for a Convey call-up may grow, but count me among those not convinced he would be the answer as a left back.

Zach Loyd. Athletic, fast and versatile, Loyd impressed in his national team debut playing at left back, and while he isn't a natural left-footer, he's certainly an intriguing prospect. If he can get more playing time at the position for FC Dallas he just might play himself into the national team mix.

Eric Lichaj. A very intriguing option, having played left back on the reserve level before. He's fast and has good size, but isn't naturally left-footed so it would remain to be seen what he could offer going forward.

Jonathan Spector. Spent a few very rough months playing left back for West Ham, but never looked comfortable there. Probably isn't a realistic option there, but his past experience at the position gets him on the list.

Steve Cherundolo.Think it's crazy to put him on this list when he's the best right back in the pool? Consider this. If Timmy Chandler really is as dynamic a right back option as he showed in the recent friendlies then maybe Cherundolo could make the move to the left, where his experience and defensive qualities would make him a solid option.

Time for you to vote. Aside from Carlos Bocanegra, who would you like to see at left back for the U.S. national team? Cast your vote here:


Who did you vote for? Who isn't on our list that you think should be on it? Who would you like to see at left back for the United States?

Share your thoughts below.

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