You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: Bob Bradley Edition

BradleyTrooper (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by Howard C. Smith/ ISIPhotos.com

It's time to pick a winner for the most recent edition of You Write the Caption.
We received nearly 200 entries, though the quality of comedy wasn't up to the standard of past YWTC. We'll chalk that up to rust from not having had a You Write the Caption in months.
We have selected five caption entries for SBI readers to choose from. The writer of the caption that receives the most votes will receive an SBI T-Shirt.
Here are the finalists:


A concerned Bob Bradley called authorities after a soccer ball went missing. Apparently the US team hadn't seen it for 45 minutes. Argentine is the #1 suspect.– Douglas


BB: "What's wrong with my midfield?"
Officer: "Dunno..triangles always worked for me."– ImaGoalMan


Bob Bradley and the Officer get caught in an awkward "Kiss Cam" moment"–Rod


"Think I've got a shot with that chick in row 47?" WeathermanNX01


Bob: You know sometimes I stare at the stands wishing Tiffany May would rush out and sprint across that field just one more time.

Office: Mmmmmmm. Yeah. I'd like to tackle that."–SeaOtter



It's your turn to vote to decide the winning caption. Cast your vote here:

Which caption did you vote for?

Share your thoughts below.



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