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Adu scores winner for Rizespor

Freddy Adu scored his fourth goal of the season for Caykur Rizespor on Sunday, netting the winner in the club's 3-1 victory over Tavsanli Linyitspor.

Adu got on the end of a cross and powered it home with a diving header in the first half. The goal marked the second consecutive game Adu has scored in, and also helped keep Rizespor in a promotion playoff spot with one game remaining in the season.

Here is the goal:

by 1453atmacalar

What do you think of Adu's goal? Think Rizespor will gain promotion? Should Adu stick with the club?

Share your thoughts below.

  • MadKingGeorge

    If you go to Turkey and have a few rounds of “Raku/Raki” (the national drink), you will be dancing you butt off with the turkish ladies to that kind of music. Istanbul is a lot of fun.


  • JoeW

    No way. First, you’re talking about some major physical challenges. Adu isn’t fast–even at his best shape. He’s quick–but not incredibly quick. And he’s never had great (as in outstanding conditioning). And in our 442, the outside mids (DMB earlier, now Dempsey and Donovan) need to run and work all day. That’s the complete opposite of Adu. Additionally, he drifts in and out of games–in our scheme we can’t afford to have an outside mid just disappear for 20-30 minutes at a time. Think of it this way–Dempsey comes close to that some matches but Dempsey is a really hard worker, fights for balls, revels in physical play (and won’t back down) and finds a way to score goals that matter. What I’ve just described is the complete opposite of Adu when he was in-form and in-shape. And that doesn’t even get to defensive positioning, tracking back, winning balls. To ask Adu to acquire those elements to his game is like saying “gee, wouldn’t it be great if Tim Ream could play A-mid for the NT” or “if Altidore could just learn to finish and improve his distribution we’d be set at forward”–you’re talking about somethings that the player in question (Adu) has NEVER been known for–ever–at any level and has never really show the skill or aptitude for.


  • colin

    Actually not true at all. Only a few players score at a 1 to 2 rate. That strike rate would put him at about 15th in the Premier league this season. Plus your comparing him to strikers, ACM generally have a slightly lower strike rate. Secondly he was at the time 18 or 19 so increasingly very impressive, and he was coming of the bench, so in terms of minutes that strike rate was prolly closer to 1 in every 2 games. All in all he actually started somewhat well.


  • shane

    I wanted to read what everyone said but couldnt because it is just too clear. MLS is a superior environment for him. If he cant do better than MLS than he needs to come home. Freddy has skills but he needs the whole game. There is an MLS coach somewhere that will care and spend time with him. If its not too late.


  • Matt S

    I’m not going to bother reading through the 50+ posts before me but I imagine I’m not the only person that questioned why there is “hoe down” music playing during this clip.

    To me that’s far more important than discussing Freddy Adu scoring ONE goal and devoting an entire post to it.


  • Rick

    Ha mine too.

    That header looked really well-executed to me. He put his whole body into it; it almost looked like he was about to start doing the Worm when he landed.

    Also, that last goal, the left-footed volley? I know it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but that was nice.


  • Sgc

    If it hadn’t been for Cotton eyed Joe,
    I’d have been married a long time ago.
    Where did you come from, where did you go?
    Where did you come from Cotton eyed Joe?


  • mug

    Forget the goal, that music is phenomenal! I can’t stop my toes a-tappin’!


  • Cyrus

    haha I heard this beat mixed on the radio, I actually would really like to know what it’s from


  • jpc

    nice goal. The highlights that I’ve seen of him have been very impressive. Don’t hold your breath, but he may actually be coming around as a player. Players like him I would assume take the longest to develop, b/c they need to learn all the little things that they simply didn’t need to do to be successful as youth players.


  • jeremy

    I like it and he should absolutely stay there, promoted or not. He found a decent team where he can play, in a decent league, and the fans love him. If they get promoted, even better. I finally feel happy for the kid.


  • Sgc

    colin is right. For a CM that doesn’t play 90 every time he appears, his scoring stats are pretty good.


  • Sgc

    Freddy has 4 goals in his last 9 games. That’s the kind of thing you miss when you don’t read other people’s posts but expect them to read yours.


  • Shane

    When Adu scores a goal in Champions league play like Sasha has maybe he’ll get a call up again.


  • Russell

    That always added to the curiousity of Adu.

    At Benfica that first year, it seemed he was progressing nicely. Coming off the bench and scoring goals..a couple of them were very timely. Basically it was what you’d hope for, for a first year over seas young kid.

    Another year of doing that plus getting more minutes is what i was hoping for.. not the transfer to france where the wheels fell off.


  • bizzy

    hahahaha….why do you try to start a discussion and you have no idea of what you are taking about. Wow, MLS is a superior enviroment for him? Where was he when people called him the wonder kid? Where was he when he signed up with Benefica? Do you think they just give anyone $2 million dollars because you did a commerial with PELE? Why do you think he’s not coming back to MLS? 1. he’s still own by Benefica 2. the team that loans him has to be able to afford him 3. MLS cant pay him!!! whats the League average 65K?? How much do you think Rizespor pays him?? $750K+ 4. It’ll be a step down technically and growth wise.

    MLS is superior?? Do you think you become the first player in the world…. “in the world” to score a hat-trick in the U-20 and U-23 world cup with luck???

    We are all guilty of being biased when it comes to certain players but at least lets be real


  • Fat Frank

    You’ve manipulated the stats to make your point look good.

    There is a reason he doesn’t play so many minutes and its not a good reason.

    Goal averages are measured in terms of how many you score per game, otherwise you get into the kind manipulation you guys just did.

    I would think Adu supporters would be tired of theoretical production and potential production.

    It’s about actual production not hypothetical production.


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