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Barcelona to play in Miami and Dallas

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Spanish champion FC Barcelona has added two more dates to its tour of the United States and will face off against Mexican powerhouse Chivas Guadalajara in Miami and Club America in Dallas.

The matches are part of the 2011 World Football Challenge, which announced Herbalife as the event's title sponsor on Monday.

Barcelona will face Chivas on Aug. 3rd at Sun Life Stadium in Miami before taking on Club America at Cowboys Stadium on August 6th. The matches come after Barcelona faces Manchester United at Fed Ex Field on July 30th.

What do you think of the news? Will you be attending one of the matches?

Share your thoughts below.

  • bob

    Dang it, I read the headline and thought FCB were going to play against FCDallas not just in Dallas. Oh well, could care less now.


  • Troy

    So Barcelona is coming to the US and not playing a US team. Poor move.

    (SBI-To be fair to Barca, it did play MLS teams, well New York, well before other European clubs began playing MLS teams regularly.)


  • Brad

    the Miami game was originally announced as a contest versus AC Milan. No offense against Chivas, but I was hoping to see the Serie A champions


  • BigLustythongGrl

    Really bob, good point. MLS gains absolutely freaking nothing when big international clubs come AND play each other. MLS only gains when THEIR TEAMS play the internationals. Aside from that, its good to see play in cities w/out an MLS team.


  • Clayton

    Couldn’t agree more. Barca’s backups against a Mexican league side … No thanks. I won’t be buying a ticket for this one. If they were playing FCD, I’d be in the front row. Not like they’ll have trouble filling the seats.

    All these MLS teams are playing big European competition this summer. FC Dallas needs to get with it and find a big friendly opponent.


  • kenneth

    i think you mean “could not care less”. by saying that could care less means that you actualy care.


  • StevenG

    Do they really gain anything at all? If they beat Barca they’ll say they’re just playing reserves, if they lose they’re awful. You can’t win.


  • socnow

    I suppose SUM is involved in this? If so, I suppose it’s good for MLS because some of that money will trickle down to the league. But I would rather see Barca play at least one MLS team in a MLS market.


  • Tomas

    So does this mean the AC Milan v Barca game in Miami this summer is no longer a possibility/happening?


  • canchon

    $$$$$. Two more sold out stadiums of Messi fanboys who will get to see him stretching on the sideline. Here’s hoping that SUM at least gets some coin out of this.


  • Troy

    SBI – I know, I was at that game when Barca played NY. It isn’t charity to come and play our teams when they tour our country – with the quality only getting better for MLS, it’s the right thing to do.

    (SBI-Who said anything about charity? Barcelona is under no obligation to play an MLS team when they visit the states. ZERO. The fact that they have already multiple times should diminish any notion that they don’t care about MLS. This time around they chose to play in markets where they could maximize revenue. Tough to argue with their picks. At the end of the day they’re a business trying to promote their brand, and are under no obligation to bring MLS along for the ride.)


  • biglustythonggrl

    and thats why USA soccer is in the driver’s seat. You know, they have an inferiority complex. They are just so grateful that Barca is coming, and that that will be covered in some form by ESPN that they’ll take whatever deal the spanish giants gives them. MLS/USA federation is actually in the driver’s seat here, and its called “cha ching”, otherwise known as the cash register. The europeans want the American dollar. USA federation can say “play MLS or no play at all”, they really can.


  • biglustythonggrl

    i’m posting responses here bashing USA federation, but perhaps its the MLS owners who are at fault when their team are not lined up against a European power visiting their city. I guess it is unreasonable to expect Barca to play at Pizza Hut. What’s the story SBI? Remember when Quakes played Crew on the same bill as Barca vs. Mexican team at Candlestick. Was that about Lew Wollf not contributing a damn thing and, out of curtesy, simply being invited by whoever was putting that game on.


  • Troy

    SBI – sure, they are touring to make money. When I saw RBNY play Barca they sold a lot of tickets so they can play our teams and make money at the same time.

    Just a poor decision, I wouldn’t go to their games. I’d rather see Real Madrid play the Galaxy or the Union play Everton or the Red Bulls play Arsenal.

    (SBI-Troy, nobody said they CAN’T make money playing MLS teams, but they’ve already done it and are now looking at other markets. It’s a business and they’re trying to build their brand. They’ve got fans all over the USA. Why shouldn’t they go and play in Miami? Would it be nice if they played MLS teams? Sure, it would be nice, but it’s not absolutely necessary, and they’re not “wrong” for not playing MLS teams.)


  • roger

    as a native Texan I invite all of y’all to the cowboys stadium where you can find a $20 ticket with a $40 parkin spot


  • Mempi

    Cant blame Barca for not wanting to get their legs broken against MLS hacks


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