U.S. Men's National Team

Bradley names 23-man USA roster for Gold Cup


There were plenty of familiar faces, but also some surprising inclusions on the U.S. national team's Gold Cup roster.

Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS-Tim Howard, Nick Rimando, Marcus Hahnemann

DEFENDERS– Jonathan Spector, Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream, Jonathan Bornstein, Clarence Goodson,  

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Sacha Kljestan, Robbie Rogers, Freddy Adu, Benny Feilhaber, Jermaine Jones

FORWARDS– Juan Agudelo, Chris Wondolowski, Jozy Altidore

The big surprises? No Timmy Chandler, Teal Bunbury or Alejandro Bedoya. We'll hopefully get some details soon on what happened with some of these selections. Adu, Rogers and Wondolowski are the more surprising inclusions.

What do you think of the squad?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Ian in ATL

    Why is there a comparison between Bradley and Bunbury? They play two completely different positions and have different players competing against them for spots.

    The guys competing for a spot with Bunbury: Agudelo, Altidore and Wondolowski. Agudelo and Altidore have shown more in the last couple of friendlies than Bunbury. It’s then a toss up with Buddle, Bunbury, Gomez and Wondolowski. Buddle has been ok in 2. Bundesliga, Bunbury has been ok with a bad K.C. Gomez hasn’t been that good with a bad Pachuca and Wondolowski has been pretty good with San Jose. It seems reasonable to give the edge to Wondolowski for the final striker spot.

    The guys competing for a spot with Bradley: Clark, Edu and Jones. Bradley has been better than both Edu and Jones in the last couple of friendlies. Clark has been playing a different position in Germany and might be injured. Edu has not been playing well with Rangers despite the fact they won the league. Jones has been pretty good for Blackburn. Bradley hasn’t played much for Aston Villa but has been ok when he has. I don’t think it’s a stretch to have Bradley and Jones in the midfield when Edu has been awful in the last few friendlies and poor with his club team.


  • youknowwhoitis

    To whom it may concern,

    Looking at Davies’ MLS form for D.C. United he should definitely be included for the USMNT. Freddy Adu, in my opinion, should not given a place in this line up. I don’t see him playing much,and as it has been in his last games for the national side, he would merely be a bench warmer. I think it is a waste of both his time and the team’s squad space.


  • Ian in ATL

    Man I keep finding myself agreeing with Jim and Andy in Atlanta. It must be something in the water.


  • Jeff

    Robbie Rogers outperforming Landon statistically this season?

    Rogers – 2 goals, 1 assist
    Donovan – 7 goals, 1 assist


  • americanfutbol

    The “outrage” over this roster is surprising to me. The way I see it, of the 23 players named, 13 were virtual locks (Howard, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Onyewu, Ream, Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, Edu, Feilhaber, Jones, Agudelo, Altidore), while 7 were probable picks (Hannheman, Rimando, Bornstein, Goodson, Lichaj, Spector, Klestjan).

    That leaves 3 players who I would have said were improbable (Adu, Rogers, Wondolowski). These 3 players will most likely be used infrequently as subs. Why the big fuss here?

    A few of the omissions are confusing – notably Chandler and Bedoya. It’s already been confirmed that Chandler declined a call-up (citing physical/mental fatigue); I’d imagine Bedoya may have also declined to maximize his visibility to club scouts (he’s red-hot in Sweden right now and would be on the bench for most of the Gold Cup).

    This list of players may not be the best 23 we have, but they should be good enough to get us to the final.


  • americanfutbol

    Great point – really interesting to see the two rosters side-by-side like that. Agreed that our starting XI here actually look better than our starting XI did vs England.


  • Geoff S.

    I find the “I hate BB and his picks” comments incredibly naive and shortsighted. Things come up, and players are not always keen on joining camps or coaches from club/national teams may see that it is in the best interest of the player to remain with his club.

    Also, when a player is unable to join, it makes more sense to fill that hole with a player that demonstrates similar attributes than a player who may be more popular among fans who are less informed than the coach.

    Obviously there are surprises, but lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt instead of calling for his head because a few guys US fans wanted to see are not on. This group is certainly capable of challenging for the title, and everyone will be singing BB’s praises if/when they win.


  • americanfutbol

    Davies injured his hamstring against Colorado while Bob Bradley watched. I don’t agree that Davies form with DC United makes him an automatic inclusion in the roster – but besides that, he’s not fit for the tournament. A bummer for Davies but not really much of a surprise.

    Adu has been getting very significant playing time with his club in Turkey (2nd division), and has played a role in getting them to the promotional playoffs. I agree he’ll spend most of the time on the bench but think he was a good pick for this tournament. If nothing else, he can provide a creative spark as a sub.


  • Don Pelayo

    “We’ll never win the Gold Cup with this roster”?

    The surprise choices will only affect who’s occupying the bench. It’s not as if Bradley went with an entire MLS squad or something. We are still the clear favorites to win this tournament, Bobo.


  • your favourite sun

    To be fair KC hasn’t played a single home match in 2011…


  • fcmonk

    Every coach in every sport has their “go-to” guys that they feel the most comfortable with in the lineup. It just so happens that a lot of Bradley’s “go-to” guys suck.


  • MrNiceGuy

    Anyone on here who believes Bob Bradley is a competent coach, please stand up. Also, root for Mexico, because it is obvious you want to sabotage our USMNT….


  • WJM

    Wondolowski over Bunbury–a joke! Wasn’t Bradley in the stadium in the recent friendly when Wondolowski was clearly out of his league?? When Bunbury replaced him, the whole game changed! Rogers, Klejstan and Bornstein? I rest my case. We’ll never progress without a real coach!!! Very upset!


  • Jacques Strappe

    Wondo has 5 goals in 2011, among the league leaders, and more than Agudelo and Bunbury combined. How many “should” he be scoring, according to you? You made the comment that he “can’t” score “right now” but he’s been scoring this year, so don’t be so surprised that it comes off as trolling.


  • catracho_marplatense

    All those qualities discernible to nobody but a Turkish second division club with dubious ties to unethical American sports agents.

    Also, Adu is really like 26. Google it.


  • Federico

    I just hope none of the strikers get hurt because i don’t think Wondo can cut it… Has he even score this season?


  • robert daniels

    Seriously doubt bunbury spurred. Why would he turn down Canada and declare for the us only to turn down the first major international tournament that comes up. Don’t make sense.


  • hogatroge

    While DeMerit is definitely the most badass (and effective) U.S. defender, he’s been dealing with nagging injuries. He’s only play about half of Vancouver’s games so far this year, and he’s their captain.


  • hogatroge

    No so surprised about Adu. He’s been doing well (even if it is the Turkish 2nd division), and he’d hardly peaked yet.

    Bedoya is too valuable to his club right now, and I’m sure there’s a logical reason for Chandler’s absence.


  • Jeff

    Comparing Bunbury and Bradley as if they warrant the same considerations is absurd.

    1. Bunbury — 21 years old, 3 caps (first one was last November), 76 minutes played.

    2. Bradley — 23 years old, 5 years with USMNT, 52 caps, somewhere around 4,000 minutes played at international level.


  • Alex G

    dumb Bradley, calling bornstein instead of Teal or Chandler??, I dont buy the not in form situation, Chandler needed to be there.


  • WJM

    If you want to get the best ever player analyses, follow Jen Chang. He is always Dead On!

    Klejstan–not international quality

    Rogers– not international quality

    Wondolowski–not international quality

    Bornstein–not international quality

    Boon Boor Ree–has done very well in a US jersey; great chemistry w/ Aguedelo; should be there

    Bedoya–based on form, should be there above weaker wing choices.

    Bob Bradley–Gulati had his chance and blew it yet again.


  • Brett

    Wondolowski and Rogers over Bedoya/Davies and Chandler is laughable. So much in fact, that I’m willing to suspend judgment until it is confirmed that he did not reject the call-up. Playing in the GC would permanently cap-tie him to us.

    And of course, baby boy gets a call up despite not playing a meaningful 90 minutes in several months. And you know he’s gonna start and go 90 every match assuming he doesn’t get suspended.

    And have I mentioned I’m sick of Bornstein? I say it so much I can’t remember when the last time I said it actually was. Glad Adu and Benny got called in, but they won’t be difference makers.


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Guessing the Euro passport qualification has something to do with that… Much easier to transfer from Sweden than from MLS…not to mention MLS owns player contracts not teams…


  • Phil

    yeah and all out first choice players were totally healthy when it mattered most in every big tournament we’ve played recently, so why do bench players matter?

    oh, wait.


  • bryan

    guys, i understand everything you are saying. and that is a fair point about him sitting on the bench. but at 28, why is he just now getting a chance? either way, like you said, he’s doing well with that chance now. and so, i’m not upset at all, im surprised though. and a lot of that surprise is because we hardly ever play with two strikers.

    maybe my complete disgust that bornstein and rogers made the squad spilled over into Wondo. i certainly don’t mind his selection.


  • bryan

    i think for the Nats, Bedoya and Rogers would be fighting for the same position.


  • Commando Lando

    I have no idea what to say about Rodgers, but as for Adu, my only theory is that Bradley wants him in training as a foil. By playing the role of one of those smaller but more skilled latin players, Adu is probably suited as a practice squad guy going against the starters in a scrimmage. That’s all I can guess.


  • Commando Lando

    Adu would be a good role player on the USMNT Over 30 squad. He’s like one of those Youtube hacky-sack players, a circus-type act lacking in soccer ability. The only argument for his inclusion is that Bradley needs someone in camp with Chicharito-esque qualities (emphasis on “esque”) who the starters can scrimmage against to prepare for smaller and quicker competition.


  • Bobeto

    The Good, Bad and Ugly choices by BB.

    GOOD – Giving Freddy Adu another chance. “I thought we lost you Freddy.”

    BAD – How could you have scouted the MLS an chose Robbie Rogers? Why do I have to ask…just look at the Ugly.

    UGLY – Bringing back Bornstein! Like most of us, the Mexicans noticed his (lack of) talent (bench sitting).
    Maybe we should add…SAD….to that choice.


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