U.S. Under-20 National Team

Doyle, Gatt, Gil score goals in U.S. U-20 draw with France


Photo by ISIphotos.com

Life after the disappointment of the 2011 CONCACAF championship has begun for the United States Under-20 national team.

Conor Doyle, Josh Gatt and Luis Gil each scored as the U.S. U-20s tied host France, 3-3, in a friendly on Tuesday.

Doyle, who had two goals and two assists in the regional tournament, continued his run of form internationally. The goal for Gil was his first on the U-20 level. The 17-year-old Real Salt Lake midfielder will represent the U-18s later this month in the Lisbon International Tournament in Portugal.

The United States concludes its training camp in France with a rematch on Thursday.

  • Villain-from-Texas

    Too bad we didn’t have Gatt there during the CONCACAF championship.


  • Frank

    Do any RSL fans know if Gil will get any significant time with Morales out?


  • Curtis

    Ya they’ve said should he see the field quite a bit this summer with morales out, alvarez and sabo gone for the gold cup, and a full schedule with the us open cup.


  • Turgid Jacobian

    Nice to see Gil successful an age group up, especially after sitting so much.


  • chuck

    Man, this team is so good they van easily qualify for the …….never mind


  • Benjamin

    It is honestly shocking that they lost to Guatemala, though anything can happen when playing a host team in Central America. There is a lot of talent at this level, though, particularly in attack. No need to give up on all of the players. Some of them will unfortunately fall by the wayside, in international terms, but there are some exciting prospects here.


  • maka

    Let’s hope so. I want him getting a healthy amount of minutes and training with the first team instead of being forced to go on loans.


  • Big Chil

    Another O/T, but what happened to the promised Old School Q&A, and there haven’t been any live Q&A’s for a while.


  • Seriously

    They missed out on a youth WC, not that big a deal. Should they have made it sure, but youth tourneys never tell who the real good teams are. If so Nigeria and Ghana would be the top of the world. As long as these guys can get meaningful matches and continue to develop I imagine many will go on the the senior team and perform well.


  • afrim

    i wouldnt be surprised if Demspsey was actually Roma’s target and not Donovan or Bradley


  • abc

    Those are not the only two options as the Reserve League is back this year.


  • Taylor

    the only really important benefit of the WC is that young players can get noticed by professional clubs. but when you look at this team, they are almost entirely pros already, with the exception of just a few, who will no doubt be pro players very soon, so all the tourney would really do is give them some more experience. yes, going to the tournament is certainly better than not going, but it’s not the end of the world, and these kids will continue to progress with their clubs, and their future is very bright, so we need not worry about their failure to qualify


  • Thorpinski

    By all accounts the US was dominate and should have won. Also France brought a team with a lot of 91’s, not thier strongest but not ours either.

    I really felt Gil should have played in the U-20 WC qualifying. He’s a remarkable talent that’s hasn’t been hyped to the enth degree like far lessor talents


  • shane

    all is good, dont worry be happy. USA doing the right things. See how Gulati comes out saying USA not voting for FIFA pres. with Concacaf block. The times they are a changing.


  • ACS

    Rongen is a good scout, they should keep him on in that role for US soccer, wonder who the manager will be though?


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