Home Depot Center to host MLS Cup


MLS Cup 2011 Logo

Major League Soccer's not-so-secret announcement of this year's MLS Cup venue has officially been made public.

The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., will be the site of the 2011 MLS Cup final, marking the fourth time the event will have been played there. The match is slated for Sunday, Nov. 20, at 9 p.m. and will be televised on ESPN and Galavision in the United States and TSN2 in Canada.

AEG president Tim Leiweke had let it slip a couple of months ago that the Home Depot Center was going to be the site for the game, but MLS had yet to officially comment on that prior to Tuesday. The HDC previously hosted the event in 2003, 2004 and 2008.

What do you think about HDC hosting MLS Cup again? Booking your trip to Los Angeles? Think the Galaxy or Chivas USA will be occupying one of the locker rooms on Nov. 20?

Share your thoughts below.

  • fischy

    It seems to me that Jack Warner isn’t going to get anything out of this. Must be disappointing for him.


  • boosted335

    That’ll work fine; just fine as I can make it there in 2.5 hours. Now I just need my team to meet me


  • Steve C

    Why don’t they just have the team that wins the Supporter’s Shield host it?


  • Reid

    Another Sunday….. awesome. If the ratings are usually pretty low why doesn’t MLS put the games on Saturday (and not worry about it) to allow people from all over the US to attend, while still allowing most to be able to get to work that monday.

    I’m not taking that day off especially when i dont know if my team is even gonna be there at the time i get my ticket/flight


  • Adrian

    It has been the headlining news for the past few hours, and SBI doesn’t have a word up about it yet.

    Sunday Times in UK submitted evidence of several FIFA World Cup bid voting members being paid 1.5 million by Qatar for their vote.

    This is huge.


  • deepm

    Anyone else think that the higher seed of the two teams should host the championship game? That way that team can have as many supporters as possible? Obviously not every supporter will fly out for the championship game.

    I just don’t think (some of you might agree), that MLS is quite on par with the NFL where they can hold a championship game at a neutral site and have a huge turnout.
    (case and point…as I type this, MLS is underlined as a spelling mistake, while NFL has no error associated with it. Try it for yourself in a comment box!)

    Perhaps in 5-10 years, one the fan base increases, MLS can return to this neutral site concept.


  • Chris

    There are a handful of things I don’t like about MLS, but this one takes the cake. Team with best record hosts the final or it goes to a neutral site.


  • JJ

    Yep, this is how it should be. But the league is screwed (attendance-wise) if a Dallas, a New England, or a New York is that higher seed. But no more screwed than choosing Toronto last year.


  • boosted335

    That would be a logistics nightmare due to the likely short notice. Also you do realize that the SS winner is not a lock to even get past the first round and the league doesnt need more bitter fan walking out of MLS cup in protest like last year


  • boosted335

    I agree HUGE…call your senator..oh wait.


    this is how the world has worked for a long time. They got money let em have their fun. If they wanna spend billions building stadiums in the desert thats fine with me. Just make sure the broadcast is in 3d HD


  • Johnny Ramone

    Landon Donovan is going to whine the National anthem before the game.


  • Crosebud

    Perhaps we as a fan base can start honoring The Supporters Shield as the true measure of greatness in this league. If we collectively ignore the silliness that is a post-season playoff and MLS Cup perhaps they will drop the whole thing, let the team with the best record be honored as league champion and try to breathe a little life into Open Cup for a tourney style final


  • JJ

    9 years ago chief. I mean currently. I would ignore their current status if I was a fan too.


  • Coach

    In a perfect world, yes Crosebud, a playoff boycott would be cool. More realistically, the final could be two legs so both sets of fans can enjoy without having to travel. The neutral site days are so over. Especially if you’re going to go up against Sunday Night Football. Asinine.


  • Consigliere

    Since the league wants the game on the ESPN and on the weekend, the game has to be played on Sunday. Saturday is all college football. ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 will all be showing football all day and night. The only available channel would be ESPN Classic, and I can only imagine the level of bitching that would go on if the final was on that channel.


  • deepm

    Well even with the neutral site being announced now, supporters of the two clubs still have short notice to travel to LA for the finals.

    It’s like a week, week-and-a-half between the semi-finals and finals.

    It’s not like fans are purchasing tickets now for MLS cup.

    Again, I say the main problem is MLS is not ready to host championship games at a neutral site, in terms of attendance. Garber is trying to do too much in a short MLS existence. MLS is not at the level the NFL is at yet.


  • Lex

    So Boston fans are fair-weather. Go figure.

    If the Revs make it to the finals, the fans will show. It’s a proven fact….chief.


  • Remy


    That would be the best way to reward the team with the best record…It would give incentive to play the season out also and also provide a great atmosphere. Give the visiting team 20% allocation of tickets…


  • Javier

    No, ESPN could show it’s college games at a different time. Sunday is OK this year if there is no NFL tho


  • Balio

    Of course…Gives credibility and incentive for Supporters Shield while preserving a playoff system that is the best thing about American sports and UREFA Champions League.


  • Huey Bosco

    So, nice of MLS to stiff Chivas on the MLS Cup design. Not only does it feature only one LA team’s colors, but it even goes far enough to use a portion of their logo while Chivas gets no recognition.


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