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Report: Backe expects De Rosario to skip Gold Cup


Photo by Brad Smith/ISIphotos.com

When the United States and Canada meet in their CONCACAF Gold Cup group stage opener in Detroit on June 7, one of the Canadians' key contributors might not be there.

New York Red Bulls manager Hans Backe told reporters on Monday that he expects Canadian international midfielder Dwayne De Rosario to skip this summer's event.

"I think he has turned that down," Backe told the New York Post. "I would be very surprised if he went for the national team. You never know, but I’m fairly sure we will have him. I don’t think he has played (much) the last two years for them. I hope (we’ll have him). Otherwise I will be disappointed."

If De Rosario, Canada's active goal leader, skips the Gold Cup, it would be a huge lift for the Red Bulls. Backe already figures to lose a handful of players to international competition this summer, with Juan Agudelo, Tim Ream, Rafa Marquez, Dane Richards and Roy Miller all likely to be selected by their respective countries.

What do you think of De Rosario potentially skipping the Gold Cup? Think Canada has a shot at beating the USMNT without him?

Share your thoughts below.

  • patrick

    dude, its dwayne derosario, everywhere he’s been its “me first”, it’s who he is. He left houston same reason he left toronto, more $$. He wants to stay in NY, carry the team then he’ll wait for his DP contract


  • deepm

    DeRo doesn’t need to prove anything to NYRB.
    He’s already proven enough throughout his entire career.

    Backe knows how valuable DeRo is, just based on what he’s seen so far. Pretty obvious that he doesn’t want DeRo to leave for a month.

    Backe brought in Balouchy to play the role DeRo is in and that didn’t work out too well.

    NYRB will give him the contract regardless if they are successful this season.


  • deepm

    DeRo’s spot is not in trouble. It’ll be there when he gets back. Backe tried Ballouchy in DeRo’s position and that didn’t pan out.

    Backe clearly doesn’t want DeRo to go.


  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    It would take ‘re-vamping’ the playoff system, but it could and SHOULD be done.
    If, we as a country of supporters, prefer a playoff to decide a champion…then make it the top 2 teams in each conference qualifying…that move in of itself would cut out 2-3 weeks of ‘playoffs’.


  • titisbigfan

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  • Joamiq

    How is that “me-first”? It’s one team vs. the other team, not staying in the band vs. going solo. He’s getting paid either way. Actually, he probably loses money by not making the national team appearances.


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