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Report: Bedoya called upon for Gold Cup

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Alejandro Bedoya has reportedly been called in to Bob Bradley's Gold Cup roster following an injury to the New England Revolution's Benny Feilhaber.

Report: http://tinyurl.com/3vsj3yp


What do you think of Bedoya's call up?  Has he done enough for Orebro to deserve it?  Where does he fall into Bob Bradley's plans?

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  • AS

    I want the team to succeed, but not by scraping by all the time, eventually it going to get us more losses than wins.


  • MicahK

    LMBO. England are very horrible. They have no good goalkeepers. They always get owned by Germany and Portugal(Their rivals). They have ugly ridiculous uniforms which look like Ralph Lauren made them and just put a Umbro logo on them. You gotta be kidding me.


  • Supsam

    Im not a huge Bob Bradley fan but im not a hater as well. I give credit to where it’s due and Bradley has improved our national team in terms of results and international respect. We finished first ahead of Mexico in WC Qualifying, won our World Cup group, eliminated Spain in a FIFA tournament, and led Brazil in the finals for a whole half. I attribute our “subpar” performances more toward our lack of world class players. A team is only as good as their coach just as a national team is only as good as its players. For God’s sake, countries like Spain, Argentina, Germany and Brazil have bench players who would easily start over our starters. Does that mean we cant beat them? No, it means that we have to bring our A-game and we have done it several times.

    All im saying is………get with reality my friend cuz it looks like you wont stop bending over for Mexico until the USA wins world cup matches in dominating fashion.


  • Jeff

    England won a World Cup 45 years ago. That’s like saying the U.S. is a top team, remember they came in third that one time in 1930.


  • Jeff

    So who will be the miraculous coach that will swoop in and wave a wand over our roster making it one of the most skilled in the world? Klinsmann? Harry Potter? Who do you want? Bob has been a success. The proof is in the results. Plain and simple. All your grousing isn’t going to change that. Every coach in every league in the world knows that it’s not how you win, but if you win.


  • Jeff

    Not to mention Bocanegra, Onewyu, Chandler, Bradley and Cherundolo in top European leagues. Edu playing Champions League as well.


  • Kojo

    Who finished top the last two WC cycles for Concacaf? USA. I don’t care whether anyone considers it luck or not the fact remains we finished top and are the best in our region and have been for some time. The last Gold Cup in 2009 had no significant meaning other than for bragging rights. We went with a C+/B- team and still made it to the final. Yes we got crushed but by a Mexico squad that was an A level squad. BB in my opinion used the last Gold Cup to see who the young up and coming players are and to give the A level players a rest after the Confed Cup in which we finished 2nd. As for those of you who cannot comprehend why Robbie Rogers was selected must either not watch much US Nats soccer and have not coached. It is not about selecting the best players you have and telling them to play out of position and play a style that they find hard to play. Bedoya plays inside while Rogers plays out wide. Rogers is faster then Bedoya. Bedoya is looking very strong with his team however this in the past has not translated in doing well with the US Nats. US Nats rely on speed, athleticism and team organization. (Unfortunately we are not prepared correctly when starting games hence why we give up the early goal). This squad doesn’t have much speed. No burner at forward to stretch defenses length wise. No one on the back line has blazing speed for overlapping runs, Only Donovan is someone who is considered fast. So having Rogers on the bench will give BB an option to bring on a player who has something that the other team may find difficult to defend against. Having Rogers streaking down the sideline with the ball will hopefully create cracks in the opposing team’s defenses and thus goals for us.


  • Turgid Jacobian

    Because he has enough old bulls around already. Needs more young ones, and Bedoya is close enough.


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