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SBI MLS Player of the Month: Brad Davis

BradDavis (GettyImages)

The Houston Dynamo shook off a winless March to post an unbeaten April, and no player deserved more credit for the Dynamo's surge than midfielder Brad Davis.

The skillful left winger carried the Dynamo attack, recording six assists to help the Houston offense carry on without injured striker Brian Ching. With Davis' stellar service, the Dynamo posted a 3-0-2 record, a mark that made Davis a clear choice for SBI's MLS Player of the Month for April.

Davis beat out several worthy candidates, from New York's Teemu Tainio to Columbus' Chad Marshall to Portland's Jack Jewsbury to Philadelphia goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon.

What do you think of Davis being our pick for Player of the Month? Who would have gotten your vote?

Share your thoughts below.

  • BigLustythongGrl

    that orange is just plain wrong. dynamo should transition more towards the brown in their emblem, and end up with mostly brown uniforms.


  • Tim M.

    their uniforms are amongst the best this season so idk wth your talking about.


  • boyton

    I could see brown or black as an alt uniform but otherwise I love the orange.


  • Houstonian

    In the words of Kyle Martino, he’s the “left-footed David Beckham” 😉


  • Houston Fan

    Glad Houston’s jerseys are this color, they’re actually something unique. Then again I’m biased in favor of them, but I will say the same for Sounders and Timbers different greens.


  • Dank

    When was the last time Davis got a Nats callup? We’ve tried crazier things at LB.


  • JJ

    I kind of like the color. But the design looks indentical to a jersey I wore as a 3rd grader. It is awful for this level.


  • Will

    Does MLS still count hockey assists as assists? Just a random question, nothing against Brad Davis as he’s certainly deserving of the honor


  • mbw

    I don’t know about “clear choice” — Marshall anchored a defense that got scored on what, twice in five games? — but Brad Davis is certainly plenty deserving. Good call.


  • Brian

    Given the fact that we really lack a left footed winger, I don’t really know why Brad Davis has never really gotten a shot with the national team.


  • Smith

    Bob Bradley never liked him. When he coached the MetroStars, he traded Davis for a draft pick & then used the drfat pick on Mike Magee.


  • John

    echhh….Magee really? If he really is the left-footed David Beckham then Bob Bradley should at least should have a glance at him this year. I know some people won’t agree but i think after the Dempsey and Donovan duo there is a drop in talent now that Stuart is out and Benny hasn’t solidified his mid-field position on the national team


  • RallyMonkey

    “All the good colors are taken: black and white, red and white, blue and white, white and blue, white and black, white and red, they’re all gone.”


  • PetedeLA

    Is that for real? I thought for sure he would be called in to the last Gold Cup. But the Dynamo already had to offer so many other players so I understood the exclusion.

    But I was sure he would get called up again.

    He’s definitely one of my favorite MLS players.

    But I think his best position would be in the middle of the park. (Yes, I know we already have so many central mids. But none of them are really that good.)

    But anyways…maybe he could play left back.

    We could do a lot worse.

    He also seems to be a real leader, which is what I probably like most about him.


  • Pat Buffey

    One of the most natural players with the ball. It looks like it is part of him when he plays, and this month he played. Great choice.


  • Matt

    Chad Marshall may very well be on his way to a 3rd MLS Defender of the Year Award.


  • Seriously

    I love the Dynamo colors. I wish we had more variety in the league. Too much red and blue. Some team needs to come in with some purple or something. Then again better jersey designs from adidas might help teams look more distinct as well…

    As far as the 1990’s youth soccer look I can see the resemblance in the Dynamo jersey but its not nearly as tacky as some of those patterns were and looks quite good when worn. If you just see it by itself yeah it can be a bit weird.


  • ac

    One of few natural left footed players with skill. What are you waiting for Bob Bradley?


  • Rex

    Most underrated player in MLS. Definitely just a role player for the national team though. Sub late in the game hoping that he can get a corner or free kick.


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