SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Justin Mapp

JustinMapp (Getty)

Justin Mapp has shown flashes of attacking brilliance throughout his MLS career, but on Saturday he put together what may have been his best performance as a pro. The Philadelphia Union midfielder scored a pair of goals and contributed to three other Union goals in the Union's 6-2 thrashing of Toronto FC. The virtuoso performance made Mapp the clear choice for SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

There were plenty of good candidates for the award this week, including Jeff Larentowicz, Luke Rodgers and Andres Mendoza, but it was Mapp's dismantling of Toronto's defense that made him the easy pick.

What did you think of Mapp's performance? Who else do you think deserved consideration for Player of the Week this week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • McNulty

    And yet I’m sure Philly will still somehow be behind NY in the power rankings here…


  • kar

    And thus a Fire fan’s frustration with Mapp . . . it really seemed like he had the tools to terrorize defenses regularly but it so rarely happened outside of brief flashes.

    Hopefully Mapp builds on this; otherwise, Philly fans better temper their expectations.


  • wilyboy

    Very frustrated with Mapp. Incredible assist against Denmark in Bradley’s first game, followed by nothing.


  • AD22

    Of course they will. RBNY is destined to “cruise 2 1st place in the East” … I wonder how that’s working out for them so far.


  • Chuck G

    Nice to see Mapp finally breakout for The U, now he just needs to use his right foot.


  • Smacky the Frog

    WOW was that a new move Justin was trying out on Saturday? I call it “cutting in to the left a little bit.” Completely flummoxed the Toronto FC “defense.”

    Hey Toronto, there is now a level zero for defense. Congrats on setting a new standard for MLS suckitude!


  • Brian

    Yea as much as I’d like to say Mapp played a great game and continue to hope for a breakout from him, he’s been a pretty significant disappointment for the team and Toronto’s defense would’ve let up 5 against any team with even semi-pro players they were that bad this weekend


  • C-note

    I was ok with him leaving the Fire, but Barett, Busch, Ward, Pickens, Thorton… They all have at least a fair amount of post-Fire MLS success. Who knows what comes next, but that’s great that Mapp had a career game, I wish him well.


  • Modibo

    I don’t think Mapp’s going to end up a season MVP or anything, but if he can string together some consistent games he can be a solid player.

    Contrary to what wilyboy says below, he showed some intermittent brilliance with the Fire, but seemed to become bored with his experience there over time. If he had the work ethic of someone like Rolfe when he was in Chicago, he could have gone places – even farther than Philly or Denmark.


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