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SBI Stoppage Time: Red Bulls 1, Sporting KC 0

SBI Stoppage Time: New York 1; Kansas City 0 from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • Brit

    So if RSL, NYRB, and LAG are the best three teams in the league, they’d have to split the Supporters’ Shield, MLS Cup, MLS Cup runner-up, and US Open Cup between them in order for all three to get into the CCL. That’s a pretty roundabout way to try and get your league’s best teams in the continental tournament, especially considering that in the cup competitions two of those teams have to meet before the final…


  • Charlie N.

    Ives: Where in RBA was this segment filmed? I am interested in the mosaic of photos behind you. I sent a family photo in to be included in a mosaic, and I guess thats it.

    Sorry to waste everyone elses time but this ones all about ME! Thanks Ives


  • K-Town

    I agree with you on this in some ways. Though I think it is hard to strike the right balance right now. I say give the spots to MLS Cup winner, Open Cup winner, and the top two regular season teams*, not just supporter’s shield winner, and stop giving the MLS Cup runner up a slot. *If the top two regular season teams also won MLS Cup or Open Cup then move down to the next best regular season team that has not won one of the cups.

    The USOC winner needs a CCL birth to provide some kind of incentive for the tournament. MLS Cup winner should also get one I think. However, MLS cup runner up is not worthy in my opinion. Second place regular season should trump second place playoff team, as I think any streaky team can get to the finals and lose, but a second place regular season team has to be a pretty good organization with depth that is needed for CCL.

    Under current rules you get: Colorado (MLS CUP) Dallas (Runner up) LAG (Supporter Shield) and Seattle (USOC).

    My proposal you get Real Salt Lake instead of Dallas. How RSL can be second best in the league over the regular season last year, make the finals of CCL and lose by only one goal, and then somehow not make CCL at the expense of Dallas is beyond me.


  • Brit

    I agree that the USOC winner should get a spot and that the clear black sheep of the group is the MLS Cup runner-up. That’s a solid proposal, and with last year’s bizarre play-off results the best that can be done.


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