MLS- Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver 1, Toronto FC 1: The Highlights

  • Ian

    I’m impartial to events taking place north of the 49th parallel, but I believe Vancouver will be the stronger team of the two if they are to advance to the CCL, mostly thanks to the return of DeMerit.


  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    If those highlites are an accurate reflection of the two teams, I’d agree that Vancouver looked stronger. BUT, it is Toronto in the drivers seat heading home and with the away goal in hand. Expect them to sit back and look for a 0-0 result.


  • hogatroge

    Just judging by the highlights, it looks like Vancouver had this game. I know Toronto’s fans make BMO a touch pitch to play on, but Chiumiento, Camilo and DeMerit looked damn sharp in that footage.


  • Ian

    Completely agree. The burden is on Vancouver for giving up the away goal. At any rate, I’ll be rooting for Whitecaps FC during the second leg because I want MLS to succeed in CCL. If Toronto advances to the group stage, I’m afraid they’ll fall flat early.


  • DERP

    Yes, domination except for the one TFC goal. If they can get a central midfielder, they can play with anybody and they have a strong home crowd. Still a notch below PDX though.


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