SBI Watch Party

SBI Gold Cup Final Watch Party in NYC (Where will you be watching?)

USAFans (ISIPhotos.com)

The 2011 Gold Cup Final is set for Saturday night at 9pm, and unless you're one of the lucky thousands who will fill the Rose Bowl to watch the USA take on Mexico, you will need to find a place to watch the game on Fox Soccer Channel.

If you will be in the New York City area on Saturday, SBI will be hosting a Gold Cup Final Watch Party at The Football Factory at Legends in Manhattan (6 W. 33rd Street). The party, which will be hosted by SBI's Mike Nastri, will go on from 8pm to 11pm and SBI has arranged a deal for readers, who can pay $30 for a wristband that will give you access to an open beer bar. Those looking to take advantage of the special must secure their wristband between 8pm and 8:45pm, with the open bar running until 11pm.

Where will you be watching Saturday's Gold Cup Final? Tell us where you and your friends will be gathering for the big match. Are you going to the Rose Bowl? Plan on joining us in NYC?

Let us know where you will be on Saturday night.

  • Mike Caramba

    Do you know any soccer bars in the St. Louis area? The only one I know is Tigin downtown.


  • JerryGarcia

    Brussels, Belgium – Game will start at 3am and the Tequila is already on ice. Things should get well out of hand, in the pregame… Cheers!


  • Cory C

    thanks for the concacaf link, don”t know spanish so that is my only choice. I think Fox missed a big opertunity to grab some nice national ratings.
    Thanks agian and GO USA!!


  • baller

    at my piso en espana at 3am on an illegal livestream…one of my last Saturday nights to party in spain before I head back to California but it doesn’t matter cuz I’m not gonna miss this game! USMNT HASTA LA MUEEEERTEEEE!!!!


  • baller

    I always use myp2p.eu…sh*ts legit

    …that’s strange “gaijin” sounds so familiar to “guiri” (foreigner in spanish)


  • baller


    I remember running to my balcony screaming F****************CK YAAAAAA DONOOOVAAAAAAN!!! when algeria happened and I look over and my next door neighbor watering her plants (who kind of looks like a red-headed witch and lives with 100 cats) is just staring at me like i’m completely insane hahah


  • Duck

    Needs to be an SBI banner out there that we can all congregate at for a tailgate.


  • USAalltheeWAY

    laughing man is screaming eagles new place apparently. a few of my boys were there for the qtrs + semis and said it was lackluster.

    heading to lucky bar wearing my stu holden jerzzzzzz


  • Rory McCarthy

    Thats the joy of the Football Factory, all the passion of Nevadas but with decent space and good food .. plus cheaper beer. This place is a winner for me. I’ll be seeing you there.


  • Coach

    Thanks, I also found out that AO supposedly watches at Tommy Fox’s in Bergenfield, but I’m not a member so don’t quote me on that.


  • Landon

    Powerhouse Lounge in Jersey City has free shots during the game if you wear your USA Jersey!!


  • Vivavilla

    ye olde kings head for galaxy game then our yanks. Oh yes, there will be singing


  • Citronomics

    At home on the couch with the wifey, and maybe a few of her single girlfriendsm in Woosta MA. Need to get some zzzzzsss after taking the red eye from SanFran yesterday so I’m ready to scream at the TV. Cheers to SBI Nation and VAMOS YANKS!


  • ZdBrown

    I’ll be cheering at the Graduate in Davis, California. All are welcome because I’m sure the Mexico supporters will outnumber us.



  • Mwing09

    Ill be heading there for my first time as well. Been going to Fado’s for soccer games but its a bit pricy. LMT looks like it has good deals for the game tonight.


  • Wansteiger

    If I was in Chicago, I’d be at the Globe Pub for this game. But I’ll be watching in my apartment in Iowa.


  • Since 82

    At Thirsty Lion in downtown Portland with the newly forming American Outlaws Portland chapter.


  • JMO

    In cloudy Miami FL:

    ME: Arriba Mexico!

    My Son: Arriba Mexico!!

    My Wife: Go USA!!!

    My Daughter: GO USA!!!!

    Here’s to a great game…SALUD!


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