SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Today

CharlieHouston (ISI) 

It is that time once again. Time to discuss all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

I will be hosting a new Live Q&A today at 1pm, so please feel free to join us as we discuss soccer (and some pop culture) topics. Get your questions ready and be ready to join me here at 1pm.

See you all then.

  • PD

    Wow, sorry I’m gonna miss that session…. you’d better bone up on your Fire Bob Bradley research IVES. bring a helmet and some hip waders.

    If I were there, I’d ask about where you see Jonathan Spector fitting into the talent pool moving forward (assuming he stays healthy).

    Two general requests I also have for future columns especially during “slow soccer days”: more reporting on the nature of the relationship between the agent and the young player. This is an issue that has such a great influence on your USMNT and MLS development and I think it’s not nearly considered enough as we post op both short term issues (i.e. Onyewu’s club status) and long term development Gale Agboussemade.

    Also, analysis and assessments of the development “structures” of the US Soccer: college squads and MLS academies, club teams, USSF, etc. So many of the “facts” out there are either presented by folks that seem like they are towing a party line or individual critics who too often appear like discontents raging against teh machine.

    I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between, but will take a journalist to present objectively. I think would be very beneficial information for soccer fans to have.

    Thanks for all you do, it’s a great site!


  • wilyboy

    I’ll skip the Gold Cup. How will DC United fair with their new signings? Think McDonald is an instant starter? And hell, De Rosario is a whole chapter to be written.


  • JL

    Since I can’t make the QA session, I will ask my question here and hope it can be answered as I think it’s an intriguing question, and this gives you some time to research. How many teams have lost 2-0 leads in a tournament final? How many of those teams have done it twice? My guess to the first one is a few, AC Milan in Champions league comes to mind but I couldn’t think of any others off hand. I also guess the number of teams to blow 2 2 goal leads can be counted on one hand. I ask this because I think it could be a pretty big indictment on the US team’s mentality in Finals.


  • Chicago Idiot

    What is the status with Timothy Chandler and US Soccer? Will he play for US or Germany? Seriously, don’t you think that if Timoty Chandler were an option on the bench last Saturday that the US could have withstood the onslaught a little better?


  • Jeremy

    interesting question….adding fuel, assuming there are others, how many were coached by the same coach in both losses!


  • FAmos1

    I won’t make the Q&A also. Any guesses or insight to Jozy’s tweet? “Learning Dutch is gona be hard. Can I get the “how to” on Rosetta stone?”

    Would you agree or disagree with Grant Wahl’s tweet? “Post-Gold Cup US lineup I’d like to see: Howard; Chandler, González, Ream, Lichaj; Bradley, Holden; Dempsey, Adu, Donovan; Agudelo”


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