SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Fredy Montero


Photo by Nick Turchiaro/ISIphotos.com

The Seattle Sounders had been waiting for Fredy Montero to do something special. On Saturday, that moment finally came.

Montero put the exclamation point on a strong overall performance with a 90th-minute goal off a superb free kick that lifted 10-man Seattle to a 1-0 victory at Toronto. By scoring the game-winner after his team went down a man for almost the entire second half, Montero's performance warranted SBI MLS Player of the Week honors. Video of Montero's goal, which was his third of the season, can be seen here.

A couple of others who stood out the most in Week 14 included Columbus rookie midfielder Bernardo Anor and Los Angeles midfielder Juninho.

What did you think of Montero's performance? Who got your vote for Player of the Week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Charles

    Montero ? He was a human turnover. I am a homer, All-Start voting, Sounder’s fan for decades and I wouldn’t have voted for him.

    Nice goal, like only he can score however.

    Jewsbury should have gotten mentioned at least. Now look what you did, you have me recommending Timbers for pete sake.


  • chupacabra

    Montero? Where do you buy your crack? It must be powerful, halucinogenic stuff.


  • mowsley

    I would have to agree, his hustle was evident, played on Defense and released players on offense, a well rounded performance! as far as turn overs go, he is doubled and triple teamed, this results in turnovers.


  • Mo

    Am I the only one noticing Brek Shea rising into stardom before our eyes? He is playing his heart out and never gets any mention. Brek is shouldering the load left behind by David Ferreira and is their brightest spot on offense at the moment. Having said that. Montero’s free kick was very nice.


  • jonk

    In Avi’s defense, it’s hard to pick a player of the week when someone doesn’t score 2 goals…


  • prizby

    is this a joke?

    ok he had one good kick of the ball on a bogus free kick; he did nothing else all game though

    that can’t possibly deserve player of the week


  • Ken

    It’s time for people to give Fredy Montero his due. He’s been ripped all year for not producing results, even when the quality of his play has been pretty good; well, here’s a case where he single-handedly created a result for Seattle out of nothing. You can’t have it both ways. The Sounders wouldn’t have taken three points without him, and might not have taken any points — did you notice him popping up in his own penalty area during the run of play to deflect a cross out? Kudos, Fredy.


  • Jeremy

    Bogus free kick? You mean when your defender took out Rosales from behind? Or was it the wall’s fault for setting up like a bunch of idiots? Oh well, at least Frei got a hand on it. I bet that made you guys feel better about getting owned when you were up a man huh?


  • ChemTrails

    watch his rise throughout the rest of the season.. Goledor is gonna lite it up


  • Fred

    Montero’s free kick went around the wall, not over it. I suspect Frei didn’t have the wall set up right.


  • Peter

    Bernardo Anor for the Crew. Goal and an assist and was dangerous the whole night. Done and done.


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