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USA U-17s vs. Uzbekistan: Your Running Commentary

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The United States Under-17 national team looks to take a step closer to the knockout stage of the FIFA U-17 World Cup as at faces Uzbekistan in its second Group D game at Estadio Corona in Torreon, Mexico (4 p.m., ESPN3.com, Galavision).

The Americans routed the Czech Republic, 3-0, in their opening game, behind goals from Alejandro Guido, Esteban Rodriguez and Alfred Koroma. Coach Wilmer Cabrera has elected to go with the same starting XI that earned the victory on Sunday, and his team can secure a place in the Round of 16 with another win.

Uzbekistan, meanwhile, fell to New Zealand, 4-1, in its opening match and is in need of result to keep its dreams of advancing alive.

If you will be watching the USA-Uzbekistan match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

  • MJC

    We were outplayed in every way but possession. But they pressed very well when we got inside their half and countered extremely well. So all our possession turned out to be without purpose. We need to do better breaking down teams that sit back (on all levels we are a little to inconsistent). That said its just on result. Wilmer and the boys have some work to do before the game against NZ. But I have faith.


  • Anthony

    It should have been a draw that penalty was non-existent. US had more possesion but uzbek pressured(bunkered) well in their half.


  • Benjamin

    When the winning goal comes on a awful penalty call, it is not really deserved. Plus, I think it is a suspect move to teach players at this age, meaning the Uzbekistan squad, to use such unsportmanlike tactics as diving, time wasting, etc. Finally, the ref used a different set of rules for each squad: the Uzbeks were rewarded for physical play and bad behavior, and we were punished when our forwards simply tried to get position.

    That being said, the U.S. played awful. They were way too relaxed at the beginning of the game, and looked completely shocked that Uzbekistan was so physical with them. Way too many turnovers, and some adjustments need to be made.


  • jp992751

    Yeah well if the U20 is an indication than we are in a world of trouble my friend. Never did I state that those players played in the U17 Cup rather that from a YOUNG age they were brought under scrutiny and have had to answer for their bad moments.


  • abc

    F*** off.

    What changes? Our U20s didn’t make the World Cup and our U17s just lost to Uzbekistan, sooo obviously Bob Bradley should be fired for winning the 07 Gold Cup, beating Spain to finish second at the Confederations Cup, winning our group at the World Cup…..


  • John

    With all do respect 16 and 17 year old kids nowadays are like 18 year olds 20 years ago. I’ve seen U-13 players that look 18!


  • Hush

    Embarrassing! They got outplayed! Possesion is overrated if you can’t execute. We lack the killer instinct in this country. I for one would like to see a European come in and start shaping things in U.S soccer. I was very critical in wanting an European coach in our system since we have done well building the sport in this country. But the facts have shown we can’t get over that hill!!!! It’s time for Euro coaches to start coming here and putting in some technical ability and teaching players how to move around to create SPACE. We lack the SPACE gift, too many of our players pass the ball, but don’t have the mobility or technical ability to create and punish teams. We already learned how to kick the ball 60yds and somewhat defend, it’s tome for the other elements in the game.

    Today Ubztani put down a lesson on the U.S on how to create space and defend in a triangle mode. They went after every ball knowing the U.S lacks space and technical abilities. We panic and starting playing over the top in the last 20minutes. We had 4 minutes of extra time and instead of putting it on the ground, we started playing kick ball waiting for a miracle from 60yds out! Pathetic…. Cabrera got out coached.

    Koroma should start, no questions asked.

    The refs today were horrible. I’m still doubting the penalty called against us…. Mario should have been a penalty as well in my opinion.


  • Jamie

    Truth is US takes an eternity to get to the opponents side, while the Uzbeks with four or five passes were there. US is not good at any level playing possession soccer period!


  • Good Jeremy

    The Lord doesn’t follow the U17 scene too much and wishes to be left out of the conversation.


  • aatabaki

    Yeah that was all Bobbo and his great tactical moves. He is an awful coach, and is coaching with the most talent the US has ever had. He basically lines up 6 defenders (2 d-mids), falls behind by a goal most games, and blew one of the best chances of making it to the quarters/semis in the world cup with insistence on starting RICO. We barely made it out of a cake walk group. Barely made it out of the confed cup, and even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again in the Spain game.


  • Eric120

    Chicharito was left out of Mexico’s U17 team that won the world cup due to injury. If he had been healthy, he would have been included.

    Giovanni Dos Santos and Carlos Vela were the key players that helped Mexico win the cup.


  • TimChap

    It’s about the talent at each group level not whether they succeed in a relatively meaningless tournament.

    And the fact that putting pressure on U17s is what you are advocating speaks for itself.


  • Steven C

    You posted the word “homeboys” more than what is allowed on this website. ‘Homeboy pass’ has been revoked.


  • DingDong

    Sorry, but that’s silly. Russians are just as likely to be biased against ex-Soviet republics (especially if it was say, Georgia, or one of the Baltics).


  • &$789

    WTF is up with you hating him..mad cause you or son won’t become that good?


  • Ryan

    ref’s were horrendous. If the Uzbeks want to dive anymore they might as well renamed the sport. Also, whats with the penalty shot from the Uzbek player falling by himself. I do have to say that the Uzbeks were more fluid with their game when they did have the ball (since 63 percent of the game was in US possession). There were alot of crap calls, or lack of calls. Uzbeks probably would have one just from their shot chances though, so i cant really say anything bad


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