U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT Spotlight: Tim Howard in England

  • Eugene Turk

    There is seriously not another goal keeper in the world that i would rather have put on our national team jersey!!! TIMMY!!!


  • Roberto

    Absolutely the best of the best and my favorite goalkeeper in the world


  • Dan

    All that’s missing is a crackling fire, a labrador retriever, a glass of port, and Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain playing in the background.

    Also, Fred Rogers has nothing on Timmy.

    Timmy = personification of suave and class


  • Brian

    Yup. He played for Man U for a bit. Didn’t realize it was when Timmy was there too. I wonder how long it took USSoccer to find that pic, lol. They seemed to be making an effort to get another Yanks Abroad in the pics.


  • abc

    Timmy stands out as a class act, even on our current national team which has no shortage of class acts and nice guys who make it real easy to root for the US.


  • Cleveland steamer

    i would love to see timmay finish his career with NYRB. Come full circle


  • firstcule

    He is such a nice, grounded guy that I took another step forward in forgiving him for his performance against Ghana.


  • bluehose

    molded and shaped by Timmy Mulqueen, one of our top US goalkeeper coaches.


  • OC

    Hard to blame your GK when the rest of the team woefully underachieved as well.


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