Copa America 2011

Copa America: Who will win?


The Copa America is down to four teams, but not the four teams would have expected.

Okay, Uruguay probably isn't the biggest underdog considering it just finished fourth at the 2010 World Cup, but most would have pegged Argentina to knock off Luis Suarez and Co. in the quarterfinals. In fact, all four semifinalists won matches they weren't expected to win.

Now we have Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela doing battle for the 2011 Copa America championship, a trophy Argentina and Brazil were expected to battle for before being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

With the semifinals kicking off tonight with Peru taking on Uruguay, it seemed natural to ask our readers who they see winning this tournament? Think Uruguay's class will prevail, or do you see Peru or Venezuela completing a stunning tournament run?

Cast your vote below:

Who do I see winning? I'll be rooting for Peru since my family is Peruvian, but I think Uruguay has the quality to take the tournament. That said, Paraguay is riding a hot goalkeeper in Justo Villar and a stingy defense, while Venezuela has looked surprisingly tough all tournament.

In case you missed it, here is SBI's preview of the semifinals.

Who did you pick? Who do you see winning it all?

Share your thoughts below.

  • The Dude

    Still trying to wrap my brain around what’s happening in the Copa. Has the overall level improved in South America, or are the old giants just at a low point?


  • Felix

    Being a sucker for a underdog, I’ll be rooting for Venezuela or Peru, but I can’t see Venezuela advancing further without Tomas Rincon (out due to a red card). But I can see Peru advancing further, Guerrero and especially Vargas have been fantastic and should trouble an aging Uruguayan backline, but I still think Uruguay will advance.

    So I think we’ll see a Uruguay v Paraguay final, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Peru advances to face Paraguay.


  • Aaron in StL

    Uruguay. Would be right to see this generation of Celestes win a major trophy. Always like seeing a country so small spit out such talent


  • Felix

    South American football has improved on a whole, even the “lowly” sides have improved. There are no bad national teams in CONMEBOL.


  • rkupp

    The CONMEBOL teams play Argentina and Brazil often enough that they’ve gotten very good at dealing with all that skill – so the fact that they’ve been knocked out isn’t as big an upset as people think.

    And, there are no weak teams in CONMEBOL anymore. Venezuela used to be “it”, but they’ve become very good in recent years.


  • LoS

    Peru vs Venezuela…. then i wont feel bad when Mexico has all these friendlies against them.


  • CesarCueto

    Watch it. Peru will surprise everyone. This team is bringing back the 70’s spirit!!


  • JP

    No bad teams left in South America… 2014 WC Qualifying will be a battle and Brazil will be glad it’s the host nation.


  • Angry Nate

    I just don’t see how Peru is doing so well without the great Andres Mendoza.


  • Carmenre-Malbec

    Can’t root for Uruguay after Suarez’s handball in the WC. What a way to destroy the spirit of the game.


  • Pablo

    … Aging backline?… Ok, Scotti is getting on at 35, but he’s not a starter and the rest are hardly old. Lugano – 30yo, Godin – 25yo, Coates – 20yo, Victorino – 28yo, Caceres – 24yo, Maxi Pereira – 27yo, Alvaro Pereira – 25yo…


  • Eurosnob

    There was nothing in that play that destroys the spirit of the game. Yes, it was a desperation handball to stop the other team from scoring, but it also was the smartest red card that I’ve ever seen. Suarez made the play that was the only way for Uruguay to win that game and they beat Ghana.


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