MLS- FC Dallas

FC Dallas wins away leg of CCL qualifier on strength of Jackson's goal

FCD (Reuters Pictures)

FC Dallas fought off the elements and an unfamiliar environment to take a big step closer to reaching the CONCACAF Champions League group stage.

Jackson's 70th-minute goal gave FCD a 1-0 victory over Alianza FC in El Salvador on a rainy Thursday night. The MLS side takes that advantage and the away goal into next Wednesday's return leg with hopes of qualifying for the group stage, where it would compete with Pumas UNAM, Tauro FC and either Toronto FC or Real Esteli.

Kevin Hartman was tremendous in goal for Dallas, who got on the board when Ricardo Villar flicked a pass up ahead to Jackson. The versatile Brazilian put the ball around a defender before entering the area and finishing.

Here are highlights from the match:


What did you think of the victory? Think FC Dallas is MLS' best hope at winning the CCL this time around?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Ferris

    Great result for Dallas, especially after getting absolutely owned in the first half. Mad props to Kevin Hartman for keeping a clean sheet.


  • benji

    That pass, touch, and finish for Dallas’ goal was some excellent soccer. MLS has a serious chance to make a ton of noise here in the CCL this year.


  • chris

    Nice goal but a little worried that mid season Dallas had so much trouble with pre season alianza


  • Poo

    How stacked is the Alianza team..in some cases in central america its like half of the national team.


  • Rev up those Revs

    Yeah, the highlights made it seem like FDC was under siege the whole game. Any body watch the game? Was Dallas as lucky as they looked to come out with a win?


  • Steven

    Dallas came into the game more in the second half. I say they were worth their lead.


  • proper noun snob

    Not that stacked. They just lost the leagues leading scorer for the past 2 seasons to a 2div club in Russia. Other than him they have 5-6 national steamers who have been in rotation for la selecta


  • Farshid

    I agree, but to have a shot to win in the end they a little bit more in attack to be able to overcome a deficit against the likes of Monterrey & Cruz Azul.


  • soccerroo

    I started watching at about the 30th min. Dallas had some control by then and had a number of chance in the second half. They got a little sloppy the last 10 min of the game and almost gave up the equalizer as the video shows. It looked like the rain gave the players some control issues at times.

    The return game should be interesting with the temperature pridicted to be 103 for the high.


  • Edwin in LA

    Yeah I believe it’s Jackson Goncalves

    I hope when Castillo returns they can get some more play up top, Shea needs to keep scoring, he needs to get to at least 15 or 20 goals to keep progressing!


  • Clover362

    I watched the whole game, Dallas created a lot of their own problems with sloppy passing out of the back (it might have been because of field conditions) I think dallas’s players might not have appriciated that these confacaf teams read the game a lot better then a good amount of MLS players so are often more effective pressing.

    Also Alexander looked awful, always caught in possesion losing the ball bad passes ect.


  • ...

    One thing to keep in mind is that it was pouring rain for most of the game. Not quite RSL/Cruz Azul monsoon weather, but a definite downpour.


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