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McBride, Friedel among stars playing for Cosmos in Scholes Testimonial

  PaulScholes (Getty)

Former U.S. men's national team stars Brian McBride and Brad Friedel will be among the list of standouts who will suit up for the New York Cosmos in the Paul Scholes Testimonial Match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Aug. 5th (on Fox Soccer Channel).

Scholes will be playing in his final match for Manchester United, ending one of the most impressive careers in the club's storied history, and the New York Cosmos is putting together a star-studded squad to face Scholes and United in that final match.

Here is the team, made up of international stars as well as members of the Cosmos Under-23 team:

Nicky Butt, Chad Calderone*, Sol Campbell, Fabio Cannavaro, Ibrahim Diaby*, Stefan Dimitrov*, David Diosa*, Brad Friedel, Marvin Iraheta*, Robbie Keane, Brian McBride, Dane Murphy*, Gary Neville, Yanik Reyering*, Michel Salgado, Moriken Sangary*, Patrick Vieira

*- New York Cosmos U-23 player

What do you think of the squad? Plan on watching the Testimonial? What did you think of Scholes as a player?

Share your thoughts below.


  • J B

    I can totally see Robbie Keane suiting up for the Cosmos. I’m sure we’re going to hear him say “I’m honored to don a Cosmos shirt. I supported them as a lad.”


  • Taylor

    this is crazy, but awesome. has MLS even said anything about the return of the Cosmos, other than just that they want another team in New York? i feel like the club is just building itself without even a guarantee they will be a club


  • K Bone

    The Ginger Ninja is a legend. Aside from his atrocious tackling, he was amazing…


  • C2

    Philly got a team just because they had a fan base (who showed up to support Philly at MLS Cup, who obviously wasnt playing), so why not the Cosmos?


  • Michael Vann

    McBride-Keane combo. Lethal. Just got watch out for those Scholes tackles.


  • Alex

    Those Cosmos academy kids have some of the luckiest youth players ever. Totes jelly of them right now.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Squad looks good though it may be awkward for the stars to play with the U-23s. NY Cosmos are for real. MLS wants them and this is another step in the process. But I’m a bit surprised Scholes and MAn Utd went along with what is basically an advertisement disguised as a soccer game. In any event Scholesy as we called him on the pitch was one of the best…


  • DirtyLeeds

    I’d rather have my eyes gouged out with a rusty spoon then watch Schole’s testimonial.


  • Michael on Long Island

    From Wikipedia: PDL rules dictate that a maximum of eight players on each team’s 26-man roster can be over 23 years old, while at least three players on each team’s roster must be 18 or younger.


  • K Bone

    Is this because of the game itself or because of Scholes? Aside from his wild tackles, which isn’t that uncommon, what could anyone possibly have against Scholes, especially to the point where you’d rather have your eyes gouged out…


  • Adam M.

    The Cosmos will get an MLS team in 2013. Done deal. Want to know how serious they are? Go to Juniper Park in Middle Village, Queens almost any evening or on weekends and watch their various Youth Academy teams practice or play, and check out all the parents kicking a ball around with kids wearing a Cosmos shirt.


  • Bryce

    Couldn’t they have gotten one or two more stars? Like, perhaps, a midfielder?


  • Brit in Houston

    So are the cosmos future stadium gonna feature giant murals of Butt and Vieira being blessed by Cantona? Or just giant statues of Pele and Chinaglia?


  • Kejsare

    Where’s the fan base? I mean, where is the face of the fan base? I see no Sons of Ben equivalent.


  • Kejsare

    A statue of ET.

    A tribute to the Atari ET game, ya know, the game that sunk Atari and Time Warner and thus helped precipitated a demise of the Cosmos.


  • dan


    I really hope they get the next MLS team they seem to have a muscle of history that can really help power this league. They were truly the first team ever to sign a lot of internationals anywhere in the world


  • OmarVizquel

    The world doesn’t need another 90 minutes of people slobbering over Manchester United. For those of us who happen to (*gasp*) support a team other than Man U, we’ve had quite enough of that for the past 20 or so years.


  • supergrandefilms


    *We loved watching the Cosmos at Lockhart. They had Chinaglia, Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Pele. We had George Best, Nene Cubillas, Gerd Muller and Gordon Banks. It was awesome…!!!


  • GSScasual

    a history of RUINING the sport in this country and setting it back 30 years…


  • 99

    I think it was a little more than just showing up at MLS Cup. They kind of worked their azzes off to get a team there.


  • Peppers

    Cosmos would be great NY can support two soccer teams, RB in New Jersey area, Cosmos in Manhattan. The Jets and Giants do it just as well.


  • solles

    if cosmos happen, they’ll probably be in queens, not manhattan, and thank goodness for it.


  • Nick

    Will Scholes be shown a yellow card in this match? He probably won’t because it’s his special day, but I think he’ll still take a run at somebody and deserve one.


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