MLS All-Star Game

MLS All-Star Game: The Pre-Game Tailgate

MLS All Star 2011  

The 2011 MLS All-Star Game kicks off tonight (8:30pm, ESPN) with the MLS All-Stars taking on Manchester United.

The event should offer a better competitive battle than last year's All-Star Game, which saw Manchester United post a 5-2 victory in Houston. With Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Faryd Mondragon among the new faces who didn't play in last year's All-Star Game, MLS should have a better showing at Red Bull Arena.

Another thing working in the MLS All-Stars' favor is that, according to Manchester United's official website, Javier Hernandez suffered a concussion in training on Tuesday, meaning that the Mexican striker shouldn't have an impact on tonight's outcome.

Here is a preview of tonight's match, with comments from Thierry Henry, Hans Backe and David Beckham.

SBI will be providing coverage before, during and after the match so please feel free to join us tonight as we cover the mid-season classic, and be sure to make this your place to have your pre-game discussion.

Share your thoughts on tonight's All-Star Game in the comments section below.


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