Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Brad Rusin

  • NATO

    so many Americans trying their luck in Scandinavia. We need to sign some kinda Free Trade program for our players or something so they can head straight there. Let the Scandy clubs find gems in our university players or low payed MLS players and turn them into STARS.

    I mean MLS can offer any Joe-unknown like $50-$75 K. Scandinavian clubs will pay you at the very least $200,000


  • Mike

    Any chance we see this guy get a USMNT callup soon? Had never even heard of him, and a guy starting in the Superliga can’t be any worse than the disastrous Goodson/Ream combo


  • Eric

    For those of you asking who he is, he was the captain of the Carolina Railhawks until he was sold for I think around 200,000 (might be off there) with a sell-on clause. It was a nice piece of business for my Railhawks honestly. I’m sure any other Railhawk fans will post under me and agree that we’re still sad to see him go though.

    He’s a good player and a I enjoyed watching him play for us. He’s got pretty good feet and passing ability for a centerback (by US standards) and is still only 24. If he does well he probably deserves at least a look for the nats.


  • Judging Amy

    Nice goal and all don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t all that. Also, horrific defending.


  • J-man 1221

    In my biased opinion I think that was more of the defenders screwing up than the guy scoring. When Maradona did that he pwned every last defender. This guy just ran past them, still a good goal though.


  • J-man 1221

    Also can anyone figure out what language the announcers were speaking… it sounds Netherlandish 😛


  • 2

    you’re so hilarious dude.

    I think it might be Danish but could also be Arabic lol


  • Oranje Mike

    My first thought was “wow!”. My second thought was “those defenders are playing in Denmark for a reason”. Still it was a nice finish and I’m glad to see an American make some effort.


  • 2

    Danny Califf was pretty decent there. Heath Pearce was quite good during his time there. Clarence Goodson is becoming a better player there. Holland/Denmark should be the destination for our guys to improve or grow.


  • DrewROC

    This was kind of a strange goal. Seemed like the defenders couldn’t believe the giant American was actually going to continue lumbering towards them. Josh Gatt’s goal with the double dip nutmeg is a bit more ‘must see’


  • PetedeLA

    I don’t want to dispute you, but if you look closely Rusin keeps switching his feet.

    When a player keeps switching his dribbling feet its sometimes hard to tell which way he is going to go.

    Normally you expect them to cut out and in and slalom when they switch from left to right. The defenders feared this and therefore gave him way too much space and respect.

    For me, that’s the key to the success of this goal.

    But yes, I agree. The defending was not up to snuff.


  • MA1 Rodriguez

    A nice goal, but Rusin ran straight without dribbling, defenders were clueless.


  • Adicts

    nice try. if he was brazilian, he would’ve actually dribbled around someone…


  • chris

    was quite a player, and got hosed in the final last year with the red card. railhawks should have won that game.


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