Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Darlington Nagbe


    The Pacific Northwest is bring flair and nice goals into the league. Very nice to have.


  • Lorenzo

    He is going to play for the USA right?

    Strange place for this question but it would theoretically by 4 years before Fredy Montero could play for the USA unless he marry’s someone correct?


  • JesseMT

    Like most great golazos, it has to be said the D was a little suspect. You don’t just let a guy juggle the ball on his foot at the edge of the 18. Close the guy down.

    Still, nice goal. I’m partial to Hassli’s since I actually saw it live.


  • canchon

    Fantastic, but Maicon’s was a bit better – he was further outside the box AND juked a defender while juggling the ball.

    Still, fantastic that Nagbe has the creativity to take the time and tee it up like that.


  • jeremy

    Too bad that was Portland’s only hilite….KC is tearing it up with 14 of next 15 at home.


  • BAMN

    Liberian’s everywhere are proud…fun fact : His 43 father who doesn’t play club football anymore is still playing for the Liberian national team.


  • Andrew

    Fredy Montero is cap-tied to Colombia. He played in a couple World Cup qualifiers last cycle.


  • Andrew

    Hard to choose between the two – they’re already the frontrunners for GOTY.

    That said, we’ve had a bunch of memorable goals this year. Goldthwaite’s backheel goal wasn’t even one of the five candidates that week, but all five of the actual candidates deserved to be there too.


  • jake

    Great play, but should have been called back, guy screening the goalie was in the play and clearly offside….


  • bb

    what?! Dude, do you just hate soccer or something? That is a GREAT goal. How do you not want to see more of that?! I see no “clearly” off side. Certainly not one that the referees couldn’t also see.


  • Sean

    just a straight up rocket…MLS producing some truly great goals this season


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