Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Neymar

  • J


    (SBI-Early front-runner for the most pointless comment on the site.)


  • brian I

    This past year of seeing him play shows that he deserved all the hype that was thrown on him…he’s the real deal


  • bigPepe'sPapa

    so how come you didnt watch it live, and can only get excited when imagining Neymar in a different context? C’mon,where he’s at is a 100 times better then MLS, and alot of sick stuff goes on there week in week out.


  • BFT

    I’m not at all “excited” about him leaving the Brazilian league, frankly I hope he stays for a while. I do watch the Brazilian league from time to time, and you’re right, sick stuff goes on there all the time. Not sure what anything I said has to do with MLS, but I guess I don’t disagree.

    The truth of the matter is though that he’s going to leave someday, and all signs point to Real Madrid. Once there, from what I’ve seen, he’ll probably be a great success in that league. That’s all.


  • K-Town

    WOW! I had to watch several times just to see how he put the ball on one side of the defender and then went around the other side of him. As bad as a nutmeg is, that is even worse.


  • Poo

    Looked much better in full speed then in the replay. Still very impressive and creative


  • Metro-211-7

    They call Santos “Peixe” and don’t they call Flamengo “Urubu” or something of that nature? What is an urubu?

    My God, how good were the Flamengo teams of the late 70s and early 80s with Zico, Júnior, Andrade and so many others?


  • Thomas McBooglebones

    That just doesn’t work.. say it out loud. It just doesn’t work.


  • MulletIBC

    Ohhhh the same way Robinho was a success..haha every player that goes there, Real Madrid pays too much for them and nothing really happens. watch.


  • JP

    This was an epic match. Neymar’s goal was great but this whole game was intense with tremendous display of skill and excitement throughout.

    Neymar had a brace. Elano missed a PK horribly by trying to improvise. Santos was up 3×0 and Flamengo stormed back to a 5×4 win with a hat trick from Ronaldinho…

    Neynar, Ronaldinho, Ganso, Thiago Neves, and a long list of great players on display…


  • Pedro

    Urubu means vulture… Some teams here in Brazil has their mascot symbol strongly covered by the media, some others have not. For example, they call Santos “Peixe”, Palmeiras “Porco”, but they don’t use to call São Paulo “Vovô” or Corinthians “Mosqueteiro”. But still, every team has a nickname, referring to its mascot or not.


  • RP

    that’s just dirty.

    Still couldn’t hold a 3-0 lead, Dinho dropped the hammer on them with a hattrick


  • bigPepe'sPapa

    sorry, i thought you were one of these will-only-watch-neymar-when-he’s-in-Europe guys who also believes that brazilian league is almost as bad as MLS. as a side note, i love euro leagues but that either-its-europe-or-nothing mentality is only 50% based on the fact that best leagues are over there….the other 50% is based on cultural heritage, just like with all the drooling that went on when the english prince got married…just admit it, its a wh*te thing.


  • dgoshilla

    I know it will never happen but wouldn’t it be worth it for MLS to shell out HUGE money for someone like this? At the end of the day isn’t the $ what it’s all about? $250 mil for 35 yo Beckham or $250 mil for a 10 year deal with 20 yo Neymar…



    Metro is more or less well….

    Flamengo mascot Vulture because of the colors.
    Vasco da Gama means codfish.
    Botafogo mascot Dog.
    Santos mascot fish (whale).
    Atlético Mineiro mascot cock.
    Sport Recife mascot Lion.
    Atlético Paranaense means hurricane.
    Cruzeiro mascot Fox.
    Santa Cruz mascot coral snake.
    Grêmio means immortal.

    Yes, Flamengo of Zico was fantastic.

    The Brazilian league (Brasileirão) begins with a dozen teams with real chances of being champion. Unlike Spain 2, England 4, Portugal 3, Argentina 4, Italy 4, Germany 4, France 3 ……..



    The defender was Ronaldo Angelim, he had already received a yellow card. So he made that gesture showing that he had not touched Neymar in case he fell.



    In Brazil we have the Series A, B, C and D. 4 teams in each series fall and 4 rise to the immediately above. Less clear is the best placed of the four series A, that qualify for the Libertadores.


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