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Must-See Video: Best of MLS 2011 (so far)

  • Berlin

    Cool video. I love the song. It reminds me that there are only two teams in MLS that matter and the rest of us are just around to fill in the schedule. I can’t wait until MLS becomes just like Major League Baseball where only New England and California matter. #sarcasm


  • PetedeLA

    Who was the #10 in a dark jersey at around 1:37-1:38.

    That looked really impressive. Of course, Hassli’s goal was awesome!


  • fischy

    My problem with the video is everything is speeded up. It’s very exciting, but you don’t really get to admire the plays…plus it’s a little deceptive.


  • wc

    Yeah, everything is spliced way too much, can’t even tell what’s going on. And the song is terrible.


  • Americans against Diving

    terrible video. it shows no build up of play that led to the goals or saves. and I’ll puke if I see that cheating cad Henry pointing to his name again.


  • A wise man once

    I don’t know why everyone seems to hate it…. I agree about the bad cutting, and the song doesn’t really make much sense in a soccer video, but I still think it’s pretty awesome.


  • Teddy

    Good video, but did anybody else notice there wasn’t a single picture of Real Salt Lake. Not the crowd, not scoring, not being scored upon.


  • A wise man once

    Actually, if you pause 1:53 minutes in, you’ll see Neagle’s GOTW against them.


  • tom

    Great clips and great effort researching all those highlights. Have to agree that the cutting was too quick to appreciate the true skill involved. Please show less cuts, more actual football next time. thank you.


  • Seriously

    One of the worst teams in MLS vs the best in the EPL is not really a good guage for that though…


  • Graham Fox

    Would have been an awesome video with a better song and less crazy cuts so I could enjoy the great goals and plays.


  • I got that PMS

    Man, you people b*tch too much.who cares about the song? Go back and watch a highlight video from 1997! Then you can really understand, MLS has come a long way.


  • fifawitz1313

    Great year for the MLS (so far). Can’t wait for the rest of the season and playoffs. I really think we have somethin’ good a brewin’.


  • McNulty

    Wow. Based on all those highlights, NY must be running away with the East. Oh, wait…


  • Clark

    We’ve been blackballed, were not a big enough tv market, we don’t have a dp and our fans don’t sing all game and hang up enough signs… Playing for championships and fielding quality football isn’t enough for MLS marketing.


  • ReyPygsterio

    Love this video. I am telling y’all, MLS is going to be a major player in world soccer within 10 years — on par with most of the Euro leagues. Our advantage is that everyone wants to come to the United States to play. We just have to give them the league. MLS is getting there. I salute Landon Donavan and the other domestic stars for staying when they could play elsewhere.


  • Mikey

    Or, more likely, your team just hasn’t had the big spectacular play worthy of a highlight reel. That’s not an indictment of a team’s ability; just winning consistently without flash?


  • hogatroge

    With Garber managing things, I wouldn’t count on it.

    That said, I think 10-15 years is a reasonable timeframe to say that MLS COULD be on par with leagues such as Turkey, Russia, Greece, Belgium and maybe France or Portgual.

    Things that need to happen first, some of which won’t:

    1. Increased fan support, leading to… (possible)
    2. Raised salary cap
    3. Single table format (not in current plans)
    4. 20 teams
    5. More NFL/NBA lockouts (just kidding!)


  • NF

    OK, I certainly agree with the first two things. Why do we need a single-table format and 20 teams for the league to reach the level of European leagues?

    Those might be nice things to have, but they are not relevant to the talent level on the field.


  • hogatroge

    A single table guarantees each team plays every other team home and away. Divisions are just a money-making scheme. If the schedule is balanced, divisions are arbitrary and anti-competitive. If the schedule is unbalanced, well, deserving teams miss out on the playoffs if they’re in the stronger division.


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