MLS- New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls vs. D.C. United: Match Night Commentary

New York Red Bulls Logo D.C. United Logo

The New York Red Bulls take on arch-rival D.C. United tonight at Red Bull Arena in the latest installment of their heated I-95 Derby.

The Red Bulls enter the match in first place in the Eastern Conference, while D.C. United is looking to make progress in the race for playoff position. New York is fresh off an impressive 5-0 thrashing of Toronto FC on Wednesday and will look to test D.C.'s defense with its league-leading attack.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


  • Matt

    twhitles site isn’t loading, anyone else have anything, and why doesn’t FSC have this game?


  • ThaDeuce

    Why is there a blackout on matchday live? I paid, its not on tv, and i can’t friggin watch it on my service! I’m seriously trying to be an MLS fan. It is hard.


  • MJC

    This coming from a DC United fan. I don’t understand the comments regarding reams lack of pace. Does he make mental mistakes? Without a doubt. He still has blunders during the game that he needs to learn from. However that clearance tonight, the closing speed needed to pull that off, was quite impressive.


  • Bryan H

    Kudos to DC for playing a vastly superior game. DC stepped up, and the Red Bulls didn’t show.


  • UCanStudyBuzzed

    ya new york was pretty unimpressive…even up 1-0 DC united linked passes together much better than NY and possessed the ball well…Ballouchy was incredibly unnimpressive, and Dane Richards didn’t do anything either, had poor off ball movement. Still not seeing too much from Davies with United either.

    Really gotta give A LOT of credit to Ben Olson for having faith in his style of play through the rough patches, they really seemm to playing great as a unit now, and the addition of McDonald to the back line was HUGE for them. They will make the playoffs no doubt and will be a force to be reckoned with IMO


  • KevDC

    Why would it be bad form to celebrate scoring against the team that just sent you packing? I think DeRo was pretty restrained, given the circumstances.


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