Saborio suspended, fined for dive

Saborio (ISiphotos)

Photo by ISIphotos.com

In the aftermath of Charlie Davies' dive that earned a penalty against Real Salt Lake earlier this season, Major League Soccer's discipline committee promised further punishment for future offenders.

Real Salt Lake forward Alvaro Saborio found that out first-hand on Friday, as the league suspended him one game and fined him $1,000 for his dive last weekend against the San Jose Earthquakes that deceived referee David Gantar, who called a penalty and gave a red card to Bobby Burling. As a result, Saborio will miss RSL's match against the Columbus Crew this weekend.

"As previously stated, all instances of obvious simulation and/or embellishment that directly impact the game will be subject to severe discipline, including fine, suspension or both," MLS Executive Vice President Nelson Rodriguez said in a statement. "We will continue to impose sanctions, and even increase their level, if necessary, in an attempt to eliminate this type of behavior."

San Jose goalkeeper Jon Busch was also punished by the discipline committee, getting fined $500 for making an obscene gesture in the same match.

What do you think of the punishment? Happy to see the league take action?

Share your thoughts below.

  • ShaggyReAL

    Not defend Saborio for diving, since he already came out and said he didn’t agree with Saborio diving, but defend him getting suspended. I would okay with Saborio getting suspended if all the other divers were suspended as well. I don’t feel I’m being an RSL homer, I want them to be consistent.


  • Neruda

    Then Jon busch should be suspended for his antics for at least a game w an increased fine. Starting a fight with the opposing manager is classless and busch should know better.

    If u increase penalties for offensive play and behavior than do it across the board.


  • georg

    Let me get this straight, a striker embellished a play to get a penalty in the box? wow really cannot believe this is happening in the game of soccer. Any of you who think a $1000.00 fine and game suspension to Saborio is going to stop this type of thing in the future is nuts. Bottom line Sabo got the goal, RSL went on to get 3 points. When this stops happening in the future please feel free to give me a call.


  • ShaggyReAL

    I don’t think it would hurt Kreis at all if he defended Saborio about the suspension. I think it would be a nice shot at MLS at their hypocracy.

    Jason talked to Saborio after he saw the replay and told him it wasn’t acceptable. If Saborio does it again, it fair game to suspend him.

    Why didn’t anyone talk to Charlie after he dove? because he’s a USMNT player?? He’s American? I’m just curious.


  • Mikey

    Sabo punished because of the incompetence of the ref? Sabo was punished for diving – he did that on his own.

    The league would have punished Saborio whether the ref caught it or not


  • Mikey

    I was actually rooting for Busch, as was probably everyone else that was watching at the time


  • Mikey

    From now on, all divers are.

    It started with the last offender, Charlie Davies. Now it’s policy. Everyone who dives will face penalties. Watch.


  • Nick

    I will give credit to MLS for following through and handing down the suspension. However, I don’t think it went far enough. I agree that a 3 game ban is appropriate.


  • Dank

    Saborio broke his leg? Possibly contact? What incident do you think this was about?


  • Eric Usher

    You’re an idiot. The ref was completely straightlined and the play was 50 yds from his AR who would’ve had the best view of it.


  • nate

    “I want a league that addresses egregious problems quickly and decisively, instead of letting a rules subcommittee debate the question for two or three off-seasons (hello, NFL).”

    or two or three decades (hello, FIFA.)


  • USAmr66

    If the MLS is going to review games after the fact and punish embellishment, then they also need to review games and retro-actively award cards, free-kicks, and penalties for fouls that were not called. Those also have a negative impact on the game. How about also retroactively punishing poor refereeing? It seems inconsistent to only go after one aspect with video review.
    Diving needs to stop.
    Hacking needs to stop.
    Bad refing needs to stop.


  • noonelikesmeidontcare

    He did talk to his assistant, who also screwed it up by blaming Burling and not Ring, who got the initial red card! They both looked incompetent. The real injustice here was that Burling’s card wasn’t recinded.


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