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Suarez brace sees Uruguay defeat Peru to advance to final

Luis Suarez 1 (Reuters)


Uruguay's strong run of form continued in the Copa America semifinals, and Peru was Los Charruas' latest victim.

Uruguay stayed unbeaten at the Copa America and reached the tournament final on Tuesday night, beating Peru 2-0 on a pair of goals from Luis Suarez scored five minutes apart.

Having played to a 1-1 draw in group play earlier in the tournament, Uruguay and Peru were in a similar circumstance as Tuesday's semifinal went into halftime scoreless.

But seven minutes after the intermission Uruguay jumped out in front when Suarez capitalized on an error by goalkeeper Raul Fernandez. Suarez doubled the lead minutes later, getting behind the Peruvian back line and racing in on goal alone before getting by an oncoming Fernandez and shooting the ball into an empty net. Peru lost any chance at a comeback when Juan Manuel Vargas was ejected in the 68th minute for a blatant elbow on Walter Gargano.

The win places Uruguay, which finished fourth in last summer's World Cup, in the final on July 24 against the victor of Wednesday's Paraguay-Venezuela clash. Peru will play the loser of the semifinal match for third place on July 23.

Here are highlight's from Uruguay's 2-0 win:



What do you think of Uruguay's triumph? Sad to see Peru's run come to a close? Think Uruguay will win the final no matter who it faces?

Share your thoughts below.

  • dylan

    As a Liverpool fan it sure is fantastic seeing Suarez continue his incredible form since last summers world cup. I can’t wait for the EPL season to start up.


  • KKS

    I’m convinced that this tournament is Uruguay’s to lose. Suarez is so much fun to watch, and I’m really happy for Diego Forlán’s success.


  • Micah

    Hard to believe they are missing another world class striker in Cavani. Hope he can play in the final.


  • Indigo Montoya

    Uruguay gave Peru the ol’ One-Two early in the second – just like a prizefighter. It is Uruguay’s cup to lose at this point.


  • Byron

    FYI it’s Inigo Montoya, not Indigo Montoya.

    ” … I’m not left handed.” Classic


  • SBI Troll

    No matter what Ives says, we all know he is hurting after this one. But he must be proud they made it this far.


  • Dontreadondeuce

    I will never be able to forgive Suarez for his intentional handball at the WC. I know I’m in the overwhelming minority according to the SBI poll on that one, but I thought it was awful. Every time I see him, I immediately think of it and I always will. I hope he and Uruguay lose in the final.


  • BB

    Did he throw the ball in to the goal for any of his goals? I’m just not impressed unless this scumbag uses his hands.


  • PD

    +1. it’s nice to see some of the “2nd tier” COMNEBOL teams getting a chance to shine. There is so much quality in the region but it’s easy to forget there are teams other than Argentina and Brasil.

    Paraguay would put up a good fight, but I agree that it’s Uruguay’s for the taking…


  • PD

    scumbag? ouch! you make it sound like he killed a puppy.

    what he did was ridiculous to be sure, but that’s harsh….


  • Marcus

    I think someone needs to inform the arabic commentator on the meaning of “golazo” for that first goal…haha.


  • John

    When Peru get Farfan and Pizarro healthy they are going to be dangerous. Those two plus Vargas and Guerrero is a pretty solid quartet.


  • Second City


    Ives doesn’t “support” any particular club or country. Only ones that play football he enjoys watching.

    So I’ve read…countless times. *wink*


  • Second City

    Poll or not, I don’t think you’re in the minority.

    Plus, he plays for ‘pool. What’s not to dislike about him in all categories. Am I right?


  • kawininjazx7@yahoo.com

    I lost alot of respect for Suarez and Uruguay in general. Suarez is constantly flopping and along with the rest of Urgay they are bullying their way to the finals by constant fouling and hardball tactics (it’s their history). they’re playing the long ball , looking for fouls and trying to win off of set pieces. Dont get me wrong it’s working but it is just a terrible football to watch and the refs are letting them get away with murder. they dont let a team play with all their fouling and then on offense they take a dive and try to score off of free kicks.


  • Pico

    I am all for Farfan, but Pizarro has shown many times that he only plays well for his club and not the national team.

    Come to think of it, while those two are good players, I am glad they did not participate in this tournament because they are the poster children of irresponsibility and lack of professionalism.

    There are many in Peru who said the national team would not get very far without their international players and whatever disciplinary punishments that were given for repeated transgressions should be lifted so they could be part of the team.

    Another sector of the population were totally against lifting the punishments because the act would send a really bad message to future generations.

    In the end, like ESPN’s Fernando Palomo said, Peru did the most of all teams with the least, and for that the country should be happy.



  • BB

    He’s that kind of player and he plays for that kind of team. Uruguay has talent, to be sure, but they are where they are by using underhanded tactics.


  • mike

    I agre with Pico. I was reading somewhere that Peru had a bunch of new faces for the Copa America and had many starters out aside from Pizarro and Farfan. It’s been a good ride for them and with Venezuela having their say, the South American qualifiers are going to be torture.


  • DC Josh

    And Uruguay will jump from 18th to 3rd in the FIFA rankings…

    Kidding aside, great team who have had an amazing year since South Africa. They deserve everything they’ve accomplished.


  • fifawitz1313

    Ya I think that line about not being a fan is BS. Plenty of journalists admitt to being fans of a particular team. As long as you are forthcoming and preface conversations around admitting your fandom it is perfectly fine. Especially if it is a team like Peru who many on this site could care less whether you’re a fan or not.


  • rick

    Argentina and Brazil are overrated…did you not watch the world cup??? The buck-toothed wonder is going all the way…


  • partnerincrime

    Deserve? Because of diving and handballing they are more accomplished.


  • Rev up those Revs

    Uruguay is kind of like the Boston Red Sox. Dominated the competition early in the 20th century (2 world cups and 5 world series wins), didn’t do much for a while and then started winning again (two world series). It will be an even more perfect analogy after they win WC 2014 in Brazil.


  • Micah

    Its not like the other teams in South America are unaware of how physical Uruguay is. All of these teams know Uruguay very well. They are very talented and very physical. Cheaters? Thats going a little too far. Suarez is the only player with any history of diving or cheating and hes still the best player in the tournament and his goals have been class.


  • WK

    you know i thought the same thing at first, but the replay shows him scoring from a very acute angle, between (under?) the GK and near post, while running the opposite direction. not easy by any stretch.


  • Pablo

    I see we’re vilifying Suarez’s again. It’s strange, Ghana’s free-kick came from a blatant dive and there were two offsides in the scuffle prior to Suarez’s handball, but everyone just seems to forget those details. Selective memory?


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