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Timbers trade Moffat and allocation to Houston for Palmer and Chabala


The wheeling and dealing in MLS continues.

The Portland Timbers have traded Adam Moffat and allocation money to the Houston Dynamo in exchange for Lovel Palmer, Mike Chabala and an international roster slot through the remainder of the season, the clubs announced on Thursday. 

The deal sees the Timbers acquire two experienced MLS players while the Dynamo adds more depth to its midfield.

Palmer started Houston's first 16 games this season while Chabala made seven appearances. Moffat came off the bench in four games for Portland this year.

All three players are expected to join their new clubs immediately.

What do you think of this trade? Who do you think got the better deal?

Share your thoughts below.

  • jonk

    That’s a tidy bit of business for the Timbers. Moffat’s only memorable bit of action was in drawing a red for Thierry Henry and we get 2 guys to boost our paper-thin fullback corps.


  • jonk

    Oh and hard to say who got the better deal until we see what Houston has in store for that allocation money.


  • JimmyJoe

    Agreed. It must’ve been a ton of allocation money, because otherwise the Timbers come out clear winners in this trade. This works for them anyway, since they won’t be using the allocation $$ on any big new signings. Pretty sure Portland still comes out tops here.


  • Brent

    PDX wins this because Moffat blows and they get a slot, but I wouldn’t trade allocation money for him. With the new stadium looming, hopefully Houston is thinking big.


  • Jake

    If you think Moffat blows, wait until Lovell “King of the Backpass” Palmer gets on the field.


  • GummyJoe

    Was hoping Portland would aim a little higher for defensive help, but as desperate as we are back there this will help.
    Word is $150k go to Houston, and that Houston isn’t nearly done.


  • Pablo

    Not a blockbuster. Exchange of needs and making some room. I’m surprised Timbers got two players out of this, I suppose allocation had something to do with that. If Timbers use the int’l slot to bring in a quality player then it’s a great deal for them.


  • CommonSense

    I believe intl slot is for Palmer. Good trade for us, were paper thin at the back and can definitely use two experienced, versatile players.


  • Brit in Houston

    Crushed that we traded away Palmer. He was quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Solid presence in midfield and a cracking shot from distance. Fans and FO both liked him, gotta think that they gave him away to get something really good.


  • Kejsare

    Timbers got an international slot out of the deal too. So Timbers dealt a lot of cash to Houston presumably.


  • Hood Rich

    Chabala is a left back who reminds me of Bocanegra. More competition for Rodney Wallace or do they have other plans for him? Chabala is a good player though; above average speed, average technical ability, above average tactical understanding, good defensive qualities.

    Timbers got the better of the trade.


  • Brit in Houston

    Eh. Chabala was never really first choice and was kinda average. Says a lot that Dom preferred to move Corey Ashe to LB before starting him. He’s a decent player, but Palmer is the bigger catch in this trade.


  • Duck

    Exactly. Watson took Palmer’s spot and Ashe took Chabala’s. It sucks to lose the depth, but hopefully Houston turns the cap space and allocation $ into a forward signing. I wouldn’t mind if Houston traded one of Weaver, Garey or Bruin either.


  • Duck

    Well, maybe not Bruin. Hopefully he could still develop more. Weaver and Garey have both been the league a few years and their games haven’t changed much.


  • Rowsdower

    Don’t get too excited Timber fans. Glad to see both these players go. Chewie is a decent backup and with Cameron playing a much better d mid Palmer is totally expendable. Brit in Houston, nobody around my seats will miss Palmer.


  • Brent McD

    Chabala is no big loss. I like Palmer, but with Watson’s arrival, he wasn’t seeing the field. Hope Dynamo will be announcing a signing sometime soon.

    I also wouldn’t shed any tears losing Weaver or Garey. Just need someone to put the ball in the net.


  • Pepe

    Weaver’s had a decent season, so I hope he sticks around.

    Every time the Dynamo pull off a trade like this, I get excited that they might be about to sign someone big, and every time I end up disappointed. Please don’t tell me that Dom actually thinks that Moffat is going to make any difference. This trade has to be about freeing up the space.


  • roger

    palmer is a good player unfortunately for him jevaughn watson is better. dynamo should be using themoney soon as they intend to sign a forward this month.


  • Smits

    Bad deal, unless they got a lot in money, hard to believe they gave up that international spot even if just for the rest of the season.


  • makeshiftage

    Houston only has 4 internationals right now so its not a big deal for us to give up a slot. 250k in cap space plus possibly 150k in allocation comes up nicely to the amount for a DP.


  • islandofmind

    Warning: Stream-of-semi-consciousness post.
    I like both Palmer and Chabala. Palmer didn’t lose his spot to Watson nearly so much as to Cameron. Geoff was a fish out of water at CAM but a demon at Center Back. Watson got into Palmer’s spot after Palmers red card and did pretty well though not spectacular. Watson played CAM against Bolton last Wednesday and was really our brightest performer in the creative role and Geoff looked comfortable at the CDM spot and was free to get into the attack even if he didn’t do enough of it. Our corp of forwards is just so sad. Weaver could do nothing and Garey was just so disappointing on two scoring opportunities against Bolton – This move surely (please God) must be to make room for a much bigger one. The Koke’s of the world need not apply, we need some serious help up top and our season is toast if we don’t get it.
    Chabala was good depth for us and is good enough to take the left back spot on several MLS teams (lower half of the table.) He’s reliable but occasionally makes the bone-headed pass. Hopefully Spencer will encourage him to get into the attack, Chewie can serve it up from the left if he has the confidence of his coach and he doesn’t mind playing box to box.


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