Transfer Ticker: Tevez deal falls through, Muslera signs in Turkey and more

Transfer Ticker: Tevez deal falls through, Muslera signs in Turkey and more

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Transfer Ticker: Tevez deal falls through, Muslera signs in Turkey and more

MusleraTevez (Reuters Pictures)

The Carlos Tevez transfer saga has taken an unexpected twist.

Corinthians has pulled its offer for the Manchester City striker, stating that it needs more time and wouldn't be able to complete the deal ahead of today's transfer deadline in Brazil.

In a statement, the club indicated that Tevez would be with Corinthians "in the near future," meaning that a potential move when the January transfer window opens would be an option should Tevez still be on the market. Earlier this week, it appeared that Corinthians and City had agreed on a £40 million pricetag for the striker, who is desperate for a move.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, who saved Tevez' penalty in the shootout round of Uruguay's Copa America quarterfinal victory over Argentina, has signed with Galatasaray in Turkey.

Muslera, 25, had been at Lazio in Italy's Serie A, but he has signed a five-year deal with Galatasaray that will pay him $2.8 million per season.


First Neymar was headed to Chelsea. Then Real Madrid. Then he was staying at Santos for the long haul. Now it appears he'll wind up at Madrid after all, but it might not happen until the winter transfer window.

Neymar's agent has reportedly said that the player winding up at Real Madrid is all but a certainty, but that he wants to play in the FIFA Club World Cup. Santos, which won the Copa Libertadores, will be a participant at the Club World Cup this December, meaning that if Neymar is true to his word, then he wouldn't leave Brazil until January.


Emmanuel Adebayor could be the solution up top for Harry Redknapp and Tottenham.

The Spurs manager has expressed interest in bringing the former Arsenal striker to White Hart Lane. Adebayor's rights are owned by Manchester City, but he was loaned to Real Madrid last season and left off the team's travel roster for the World Football Challenge, indicating that he's not in the team's plans this season.


What do you think is next for Tevez? Where do you rank Muslera among the world's goalkeepers after his showing at Copa America? Do you think Neymar will eventually wind up at Madrid? Think Adebayor would be a good fit at Tottenham?

Share your thoughts below.

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