U.S. Women's National Team

U.S. Soccer's Studio 90: Ali Kreiger

  • jensph

    You spelled her name wrong in the post’s title. Given that she’s fluent in German, she might find it bothersome.


  • Byron

    For all of us who are superstitious: you know what did it for the women in that game? Their Vader uniforms. Man, when the USMNT would wear their old Vader uniforms they would boss!!!!!!!!


  • Bob Bobson

    As a casual fan of the USWNT, she’s the hottest player I’ve seen on the squad.


  • Freddie Footballer

    Some would also say Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and/or Carli Lloyd :)


  • Byron

    Am I the only one that thinks Megan Rapinoe is smokin’ hot? She’s a bad girl, hot hot hot!


  • Jamie Z.

    I think the women’s black uniforms blow away the men’s “Are those charcoal?” kit from a few years back. I’m all for a black away strip.


  • bigPepe

    didn’t hear a thing she said. i’m hoping if US win world cup that she’s the one who takes her shirt off


  • Jamie Z.

    She said the game was a great team effort and the atmosphere was awesome and that it was kind of surreal and that she didn’t know she was taking her penalty kick until two minutes beforehand. You might want to check the volume settings on your computer.


  • Jamie Z.

    Has anyone else noticed that Carli Lloyd looks like she could be Tim Howard’s sister? I mean, seriously. To the max.


  • Emerald_City_Jason

    Solo, Rapinoe, Krieger.

    Cheney and (especially) Morgan seem a little vanilla, personality-wise.


  • adub

    alex morgan is the prettiest

    hope solo has the best bod

    but i think ali krieger would be the best gf….


  • Jacob ATL

    A likely to be removed video I made today. A “Pressure Makes Us” commercial honoring the late equalizer yesterday.


  • DanO

    If carli is howards sister, then rapinoe has to be stu holden’s long lost twin.


  • Victor Esparza

    JZ, if you’re going to propose online at least sign in through facebook so she can see who you are. You dont think US national team players of both genders come to SBI?anyway, she already has a boyfriend….me


  • Seriously

    I was just about to say that Rapinoe looked like Stu. She could definately be his sister.

    If I were asked to pick a top 3 out of our lovely ladies It would be Krieger, Morgan, and Kelley O’Hara. several others are close though. If I could take my pick though Tobin Heath would be my gal. She is hilarious and pretty cute and damn good on the ball.

    Also, am I the only one that finds Abby Wambach strangely intriguing with her new haircut? Good look for her.


  • bryan

    great video. hopefully they can win the next two games.

    and wow, her smile is amazing.


  • Kathleen

    It’s kind of ridiculous that basically this entire comment thread is commentary on the looks of the women’s team.


  • Jamie Z.

    We’ll talk about formations in the next thread, we promise. Do you favor Sauerbrunn as a straight replacement for Buehler or LePeilbet into the center with Cox starting at left back?

    See, I’m paying attention and everything.


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