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Adu signing with Philadelphia Union

FreddyAdu (ISIPhotos.com)

Freddy Adu's return to Major League Soccer will happen, and he will once again be plying his trade on the East Coast, where he'll be reunited with a familar coach.

Adu will be introduced as the Philadelphia Union's newest signing on Friday, marking his return to MLS after four years in Europe, multiple sources confirmed to Fox Soccer on Thursday.

Adu was set to sign with Chivas USA as a Designated Player but that deal fell apart after upper management at Chivas USA balked at the signing. There are conflicting accounts about whether Adu will be a Designated Player for the Union, with one source with knowledge of the deal saying Adu will be a DP.

Adu will be reunited with Union head coach Peter Nowak, who coached Adu during his first years as a pro, with D.C. United.

By adding Adu, the Union will have the flexibility to play a number

What do you think of this development? Like Adu on the Union? Think the signing makes sense for Philadelphia?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Colin

    Thats the first time some one called someone Eurodouchery and it was actually not studip. Though I too would prefer he was in Holland or Belgium, but dont mind this move. Hope he does well.


  • rillo

    yes, the best player in the country’s history came from MLS…maybe Shea can be next?


  • hogatroge's mother

    lol! you make yourself look the fool with your eurosnobbery…just pointing it out


  • Patricio

    Le Toux as the lone striker? No, they need another guy up top. Mwanga needs to play the right, or be the super sub. And whow do you not start Torres???


  • Paul Thomas

    It’s nothing of the sort. Discrimination in employment on the basis of national origin has been illegal since the Civil Rights Act.

    MLS players are employees. And there’s no bizarre sports exception to the law. It’s not affirmative action. I’m struggling to think of some other justification.

    As for the other teams not caring: gee, you think? The people hurt by this retarded policy are the non-Mexican players, not the other teams.


  • ELAC is pissed

    You guys are morons. Where does it say that chivas USA only fields Mexican. That’s the other chivas team. The racist one. Our primary owner, Jorge Vergara has final say and he swift no tp Freddy.
    Now I get read how were racists too? Lame.
    We git screwed and thwres no other way.about it.
    Our GM has a Damn good idea about how to build this team and it has nothing to do moving to san Diego or rebranding.
    Gettin Adu would have jump started that.

    Congrats to the Union!


  • ELAC

    What about brad guzan, sacha kjelstan, johnny bornstein, heath pearce, zarek Valentin?
    Learn something about my club before you post.


  • Hood Rich

    Does anyone have the scoop on Levi Houapeu?

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for his debut on the 1st team but don’t think he’s ever made the bench. I know he has been playing with the reserves but he is just not ready or Nowak is not willing to take the risk?

    You are right Houapeu is similar to Adu and I wonder why they picked up Adu when they have Houapeu (who hasn’t played on 1st team) and Torres; guys who have ability to unsettle defenses with their individual skill.

    They picked up Agorsor and cut him, and they still held on to Houapeu so you know they see something in him more than Agorsor.


  • Hood Rich

    Philly have a lot of talent. Mapp is surplus to requirements and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is traded.

    Daniel was a great pickup. Nowak and/or his scouts have a really good eye for (cheap) talent.

    Keep an eye on Gershon Koffie (Vancouver); he is only 19 and is a dynamite player like a lanky Michael Essien. Every time I’ve seen him he gets better and better.


  • primoone

    “Adu’s possible return to MLS first appeared in the Insider on Wednesday morning and his move to Philadelphia was first reported by the Soccer By Ives website.” -Steven Goff

    This is so stupid.

    “I heard about the New AF-1s before you went out to buy them, I’m better than you… Wah wah wah…”


  • Perry H

    This is good for Philly, they can push Paunovoic up to striker…But they still have question marks at D-Mid and Right Mid. If they can shore up these holes, sky is the limit.


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