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Altidore scores two in Alkmaar rout

Jozy Altidore (ISIPhotos.com)

Jozy Altidore is adjusting just fine to life in the Dutch First Division, earning the start and scoring two goals today in AZ Alkmaar's 4-0 blowout win vs. NEC Nijmegen.

Altidore opened the scoring with a header, then helped draw a penalty, and capped the star performance with his third goal of the season off a perfect run and finish.

Here are Altidore's goals:

  • shweazy

    horse crap dude, thats not the bradleys problem. 1 his confidence is low, 2. he never continued playing the same position which confused his game 3. he is playing in a way better league defensively . ROnaldo9 owned this league then went on to be one of the best players of all time and possible the best Striker of all time. ITs not the league its the player that does it .


  • wilyboy

    I’m still waiting on Mixx. This kid has crazy technique, is hardworking, and unpredictable. Gatt is also very impressive. All in all, our attack should be improved in 2014.


  • Cylo

    Hmmm he only starts at RB in one of the top 4 leagues. Yeaah where have you been? Your probably the same guy that said Shea should start at LB


  • Cylo

    That back 4 is really weak. We might need to get a vet back there. I only trust Chandler out of that mix.


  • MensreaJim

    I get your point, and Mr. MB is a good example of that, but I think that really open, positive style of play is great for a young attacker’s development. Better than being hacked down immediately in any of the various English-speaking leagues.


  • Thorpinski

    At Hull City Jozy had very little servce and had to repeatly track back. not to mention he was 18 -19

    In Spain he was number 3 or 4 on the depth chart.

    What Jozy has always shown is that when playing on an equal playing ground, or better yet the stronger team, think USMNT in qualifying, he has produced.

    What would be great is for him to continue to do well and eventually sigh with a strong team in a big 4 leagues, by then he will be 22 and ready to produce.


  • Shane

    So now we know. CONCACAF competition is better than the Dutch league. Choke on that eurosnobs.


  • soccerhorn

    actually Shea will probably be taken by an EPL team and then promptly benched. That’s the usual routine with Americans.


  • Adam M.

    Yep. Both the long range strike and header were on taget and with power, and the highlight above doesn’t do his second goal justice. The best development, aside from the goals, is that he is getting good chances with his head and putting them on frame. If he can develop that part of his game, he’ll be even more dangerous.


  • richd3668

    Not bad for Josie, the pride of Boca Raton FL. Three league goals in 120-140 minutes of playing time. Extrapolate that out to a whole season.

    Josie was a best in the EPL in front of the goal. HE was continually hack down in and around the box. He was responsible for at least five goals at Hull that were scored as a result of penalties call for fouls against him in the box. If they had given him any kind of service he could have scored there also. It is clear, as it has been since the Gold Cup, that he is maturing and getting better. He is finally in a place where he can get the technical coaching and the ball service he needs to score,

    Josie with Freddy Adu giving Josie, Landon and Deuce service should score goals at a much higher pace than in previous World Cup cycles.


  • CR

    He’s on a pretty long term deal with FC Dallas, and I don’t see him leaving unless it’s a redic price tag.


  • PseudoNEmous Commenter

    I believe she plays with the Pussycats. Also, for the record I wish my spellchecker called me out with salty language instead of just underlining misspelled words. 🙂


  • Annelid Gustator

    His use of his body is one of the few areas that he improved at Hull–he’s no shrinking violet.


  • Tony

    All praise to Jozy. That first goal is a great display of his power. Outjumps and muscles 3 defenders, then reads the bounce and does it again with a header so precise he beats the keeper, a defender and the post. Congrats to him, I hope he just runs rampant.


  • Eurosnob

    You have a point, however, it is more than a single brace. Altidore leads his team with 3 goals in 3 games in a good European league so the early indications are very encouraging.


  • Joamiq

    No doubt – I’m very encouraged as well and I hope it continues. It’s a great sign, especially considering he only scored three goals total between when he joined Villareal and his transfer to AZ Alkmaar. I just think it’s funny how wildly we as fans can shift back and forth between optimism and pessimism.


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