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Angel heading to Chivas USA, paving way for Keane move to LA

  Juan Pablo Angel LA (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

Juan Pablo Angel's tenure with the Los Angeles Galaxy has been a disappointing one, and now it appears to have ended with a move that will keep him in LA, but in different colors.

The Galaxy have traded Angel to Chivas USA, sources told Fox Soccer on Monday. Details of the trade have yet to made available, but the deal helps free up a Designated Player slot the Galaxy will now use to sign Irish National Team striker Robbie Keane, who is reportedly joining the Galaxy on a $3 million transfer. (UPDATE-The Galaxy officially announced the acquisition of Keane this afternoon).

The Galaxy had received interest in Angel from the Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders and Chivas USA, and after initially balking at a move to Chivas USA, the Colombian striker changed his mind and will now join a Chivas USA side in the thick of the MLS playoff race.

Los Angeles will now add a top striker in Keane who will bolster the team's weakest position, and arguably their only true weakness, making the Galaxy even stronger MLS Cup favorites.

Angel joins a Chivas USA side that needs another forward as it makes a push for one of the final playoff spots in MLS. Angel has been struggling, but could find new life with a club that needs him to perform even more than the Galaxy did.

What do you think of this news? Like the idea of Keane coming to MLS? Think Angel can make an impact for Chivas USA?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Fabre-Too-Much-gas

    Where did he say it was a “bad thing”? The response was on whether or not there’s credible suspicion on league rules being bent.

    You’re naive if you think they weren’t based on several websites stating the transaction WAS NOT COMPLETED by 12am…aka the deadline.

    Do you work for MLS?


  • Keep Juninho in LA

    I’m sure that’s what happened. Isn’t that the way the whole DP system works? MLS picks up the tab up to the salary cap limit, then the team owner pays the rest.


  • matt

    keano will score a lot of goals in MLS. he works very hard and this is the kind of league for him. he doesnt have the ability to keep up in the EPL anymore but in the MLS he will do very very well for the next few years.


  • Primoone

    the request needs to be turned into the league office prior to the deadline…the negotiations can still resume after the deadline. It is the request that is important here.


  • ELAC

    Jorge Vegara is cheap bastard and uses Chivas USA more as a tax write off than ever. He helped spur the expansion that the MLS needed in 2005, but has done little to support this franchise in terms of investment.

    As a season ticket holder, I am ashamed that he has allowed such dysfuntion and poor player personnel decision making.

    I hope JPA pans out, but I suspect it’ll be another example of Chivas USA taking Galaxy scraps and trying to make something out of it.


  • TP

    Correction, for the benefit of LAG. The Dynamo (also partially owned by AEG) get screwed on the regular too. If you honestly look at this deal, something smells. Any other salary cap league, no other team makes this trade and you leave your opponent holding a high priced non-performing player.


  • Haha

    I love how all the cry-babies come out as soon as the Galaxy do anything to improve their team. Waahh! Waah! If it had been NY they would be crying just as much, why? One word, Haters! Don’t be mad at the league or at the teams that spend money, go boycott your own team for not spending the money on players you clearly would like to have. Go write a letter to your team right now and complain, meanwhile, I will be sitting at the HDC watching Robbie put away goals against your team. By the way….. LA!!! ……Galaxy!!!


  • bml

    Because everything you read on the Internet has to be true?

    What exactly had to be completed by midnight? A letter of intent, the entire contract or a one page form? We don’t know.

    These kind of deals are complicated and easily fall apart so I would guess there is flexibility built into the process. It wouldn’t surprise me if Garber had the power to alter some of these things “in the best interest of the league.” After all, it doesn’t do the league any good to hamstring themselves.

    The bottom line is that if the league approves it then it was legit. Single entity has it’s advantages.


  • Eurosnob

    On the other hand, based on De Rosario’s results against his former teams, no team that traded De Rosario wants to play against DCU in the playoffs.


  • tim


    I can’t believe anyone bit on him… If Keane wanted to head to MLS I am sure many teams would love to have had him. Perhaps it was LA or bust?


  • DC

    it could also be said that since its an MLS deaslind… it snot a Galaxy deadline. MLS owns the contract. as long as they have signed him, they can take time working out the particulars at the club level


  • Wicked_1

    Well, as a Galaxy fan, I didn’t want us to take a chance on him, for DP money anyway.Id rather we find someone young, or had paid Buddle more to keep him. The gamble didn’t work, so it was the right thing to gete rid of him, should have happened sooner. I’m wait-and-see on Keane, again I would have preferred us to have gone out and found a young DP, like Seattle. Not to mention we had to pay a transfer fee for someone has been trying to get rid of for the last 2 years. If he scores goals, then its all good. I expect nothing less than at least 6 goals, in all comps, from him, for the rest of the year. I strike force is very weak with Barret & Christman, hahaha. I expect Landon to play as 2nd striker for the rest of the year, mostly. We have enough midfielders to go around, haha. I’m neither upset or delighted by this acquisition.

    As usual, the LA Galaxy are nice and try not to uproot their outcasts and trade him in-state, and as usual I expect Juan Pablo to score a hat-trick against us the next time we play Chivas, like most ex-Galaxy players, haha.


  • Tom

    I dont think so, they dont have any decent strikers other than Keane, and no width on the wings. Maybe they pick up a player from Chivas?


  • A wise man once

    Saunders would start on most other teams, Ricketts is recovering, and Perk is one of the best 3rd string keepers in MLS.


  • ripsaa

    Vergara is so cheap I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to recruit the valet parkers at the home depot center to come in on there day off!!


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