World Football Challenge

Barcelona loses big to Chivas in WFC

Chivas Barcelona 1 (Reuters)


If Barcelona planned to bounce back from the loss suffered to Manchester United in its World Football Challenge opener, it failed miserably.

Barcelona was stunned by Guadalajara on Wednesday night, losing 4-1 to the Mexican club in front of a record crowd of 70,080 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

David Villa scored the opener just minutes into the game, but Chivas netted four in the second half, including two from Marco Fabian.

Playing against a Barcelona team without Leo Messi, Chivas equalized at the hour mark with a beautifully bended shot from Fabian. The midfielder found the back of the net again three minutes later, hitting a picture-perfect bicycle kick for the game-winner.

The other two Chivas goals came from Giovani Casillas and Jose Luis Verduzco in a game that was played in front of the largest crowd to ever watch a soccer game in Florida.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of Guadalajara's 4-1 win over Barcelona? Surprised South Florida drew a record crowd to the game? How many times have you (honestly) re-watched that bicycle kick goal?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Wm.

    Go straight to about 1:34 for the bicycle kick. A thing of beauty. A well-deserved win.


  • EdTheRed

    Jimbo: Old fool went down to the OC to try to reason with the other team. Got served up something fierce.

    Chef: Oh, Lord!

    Pep: His Chilena was so fast I …couldn’t do anything. His moves were… so original, so inventive. [winces] Ungh! Grrgh.

    Nurse: Shh relax, Mr. Guardiola.

    Doctor: We just got the X-rays back. He mostly got served here and here. But the worst serving was here in the pelvis region. The road to recovery will be a long one.


  • BenH

    Hilarious stuff. Went to marca.com to check out the comments. 4000+ comments on the game. Mainly of Madridistas cracking up. Love it!

    Hala Madrid!


  • Brian S.

    I’m red, white, and blue through and through but I have to give props to the Mexican side. I don’t care if it is preseason. Any time you dismantle a Barcelona side in this manner, it is impressive. This is a night that Fabian will remember the rest of his life. Anyone that has scored two goals of that caliber in the same game, against one of the greatest team in the world mind you, knows that you don’t forget it.


  • MicahK

    When i first saw this i thought it was Chivas USA. I was like Chivas Usa beat Barcelona, but realized it was the Mexico Chivas and not the one from mls


  • K Bone

    Man, first Bacra loses to United, thus making United the beat team in Europe, and now they lose to Chivas. At this rate, I think Barca will be lucky to qualify for the Europa League next season. It all fell apart so fast…


  • Jya

    Lets not get carried away this is preseason and its not as if Barca had their starters in either game. Barca should still be competing for both a champions league and La liga title this season.


  • Joseph

    no one has ever scored 4 goals on guardiola as barca coach. this is the same team that won the audi cup a week ago and gets destroy by chivas. i want to see a mls team do this to barca.


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