Brazil claims Under-20 World Cup

Brazil claims Under-20 World Cup

Under-20 World Cup

Brazil claims Under-20 World Cup

BrazilU20 (Reuters)

Brazilians looking ahead to the 2014 World Cup had to be a bit concerned after their national team flamed out of the Copa America, but some of the confidence and excitement about 2014 was replenished after Brazil's Under-20 team won the Under-20 World Cup on Saturday.

Brazil rode a hat-trick from Oscar to knock off Portugal, 3-2, in extra time. Oscar kept Brazil alive with a late equalizer in regulation, then delivered an audacious chip shot in extra time to clinch the match.

Mexico completed its own impressive Under-20 World Cup run with a victory in the third-place match, a 3-1 win against France on Saturday.

Here are the highlights from Brazil's Under-20 World Cup Final victory:

What did you think of Brazil's victory? What players impressed you the most during the Under-20 World Cup?

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