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Chivas USA lining up Adu as Designated Player

Freddy Adu (ISIPhotos.com)

Freddy Adu's roller-coaster ride through Europe could end with a return to Major League Soccer.

Chivas USA is lining up a move to sign Adu as a Designated Player, high-ranking MLS sources told SBI late Tuesday night.

Adu is currently in the final year of his contract with Benfica, but could be allowed to move to MLS on a free transfer as the Portuguese club is looking to unload his contract.

A move to Chivas USA would re-unite Adu with Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser, who was an assistant coach with Real Salt Lake during Adu's final season in MLS before heading to Europe in 2007.

A return to MLS would mean more playing time for the former U.S. Youth national team star and current senior national team midfielder, and could help boost his chances of playing a key role on the U.S. Olympic team in 2012.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of Adu returning to MLS? Think he should stay in Europe?

Share your thoughts below.

  • tim

    Not true. The only way the order changes is through signing players or trading spots with another team.


  • Dominghosa

    Kind of good for Adu, rather see him stay in Europe and get signed by his last Turkish team.
    Bad for LaBrocca, this will change his role and dynamic with the team. He’s having such a huge, breakout year.


  • soccerhorn

    anybody follow Ives live chat this morning? He poo-pooed the story! Said he didn’t see it happening. (Despite the fact that his website broke the story!) Rumor-mill, nothing more.


  • Clover362

    It’s not MLs that have stunted players in the US its college. that is what has held the us back, for instance a NCAA athlete can only practice 15 hours a week, and even less during the offseason. in every other country in the world 18-22 year olds are alread professionals putting in preffesional amount of time into their game (40 hours a week +) and not amature student athletes.

    The MLS academies are changing this dramatically which is why you have seen some very good talent already come up through them (najar, Agudelo, Shea) even though they are small and have not been around for long


  • Brett

    Obviously it’s important that he play, but I really want to see him stick it out in Europe. What has he done to earn a DP slot?


  • ThaDeuce

    I went live and then re-read and got that he thinks it will happen. Maybe we should read it one more time?


  • abc

    Has he done anything to make the Revs better?

    How many points did they get per game before he joined, and how many with him?


  • dimidri

    Why hasn’t Chivas USA Been more aggressive in going after the big name European players who want to come to MLS? They are in one of the supposed two most desirable cities in the US(LA, with NY) that seem to be the only places foreign players want to go. Is it ownership? I feel South/North American Latin based players would flock to them. Or was the monicker ‘Chivas’ too narrow, alienating both Latin non-Chivas fans and American ‘not-fans-of-Mexico-especially-the-team-that-is- the-epitomy-of-Mexico’ alike?


  • @stellarcaster

    this could actually be HUGELY beneficial to all parties involved. adu has behaved like a bonehead at times, but he CAN play!

    only down side… I’m a galaxy supporter. lets sell angel to chivas and sign adu ourselves. come on… we r the HDC LANDLORDS!


  • ThaDeuce

    His form for the nats has been at a higher level than that of rogers… Also has creativity and versatility of positions. I assume it is because of injury, which i forgot about. Or maybe he sucks now? Is that what you are saying? I don’t watch revs. But he has been a big game player for the nats before.


  • Galaxy Main

    haha…Yes, so we can have Adam Cristman and Chad Barrett as starting forwards….sounds great!


  • Charles

    Ever notice when MLS does well in anything, the trolls come out in force ?

    MLS lacks skill.

    MLS has no fans.

    MLS negative this and terrible that.

    Watch for it….but be careful.

    Dallas wins CCL this year, the blog might explode from the guys wishing MLS wasn’t good.


  • TomR

    This would be laughable. This kid has a good agent and has been selling a bill of goods now for what 4 or 5 years?


  • lasoccer

    No matter how you might feel about Adu’s age, this comment — joke or otherwise — is unbearably stale.


  • pancholama

    It’s a good move for him – though may be short lived.
    More playing time here in the US in MLS will lead to a new European contract and he will be off again.

    Freddy – a word to the wise – it is a wise person who rules his stars. It is a fool who is ruled by them.
    Pay attention to your astrology, especially to your astro-cartogaphy and you will see, your career will flourish.

    Most of all, work hard. Be humble. You’re not special, not separate from your team-mates.
    One day the world will spin on your shoe laces – but you are going to have to work very hard to get there.
    Be kind, be brave, be pure. Everyday, try your hardest.


  • pancholama

    ……I’m no Ray Dommennech (thank G*d), but I know a little.


  • gstommylee

    Wrong Expansion teams are automatically top of allocation spot so Montreal is #1 next year.


  • papa bear

    I like the move. I’m not quite sure how he deserves DP money. Though I’m not too worried about that since I couldn’t care less about Chivas USA.

    I guess at the end of the day, they are hoping this will boost their gate numbers in a soccer mad market where there are some butts that could be put in seats and therefore justify the DP tag.

    All of that aside, playing time is good for him. MLS is a solid league and it is better to get time here than it is on a reserve team in the second division of the Turkish league. At least he’ll get some exposure here and move back to Europe if he does really well and turns his game around.


  • Sean

    I don’t believe Adu should get DP salary. I think it’s kind of ridic. After all, he’s been jettisoned at every club he’s visited since MLS.

    I do believe MLS could be a good option for him. And, I could even say give him a cool 200K to 500K salary. But a DP? Really?

    If Chivas USA wasn’t questioned before for their decisions (which they were) they should be now.

    Do we really want to entitle Adu for NOT DOING MUCH OF ANYTHING YET??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. But, he really must earn something for goodness sake.

    He’s been playing in the lower divisions of lesser leagues. Come on!


  • Dax

    If this is as a DP, I assume they stay #1 in the allocation draft. Any chances of also picking up Eddie Johnson in that process?


  • jpc

    great move if it could happen, maybe now I can sit through a Chivas USA game. They’ve been brutally boring since Mikael Galindo was on the team


  • The Sauce Boss

    Jourdain you should be banned from commenting…clearly you have no idea what your talking about. Adu certainly does not belong in the USL and he is most certainly a better than average MLS player.


  • The Sauce Boss

    He would not be in the spotlight in LA…Beckham and Donovan will over shadow him with the Galaxy. Kinda like the Yankees over shadowing the Mets


  • brian

    i used to abuse LD for not staying overseas, but i think Freddy should come home and establish himself as an MLS player. The kid needs games and he needs some structure, and if he can’t play here, he sure as hell can’t play over there.


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