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Holden returns to action in reserve game

Holden (Getty Images)

Stuart Holden's return from a long injury layoff is one giant step closer to completion.

Holden started and played 78 injury-free minutes for Bolton's reserves in Tuesday's 7-0 loss to Fulham in his first game action since suffering a hairline condyle fracture on a tackle from Manchester United defender Jonny Evans in March.

The U.S. international midfielder was captain of Bolton's reserves for the match and is more than a month ahead of schedule in his return from the injury. Assuming everything goes according to plan going forward, Holden's potential return date to the first team could be Bolton's next game on Sept. 10, a home date against United.

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  • simms21

    Welcome back Holden! He should earn his place back pretty quickly since the Muamba-Reo-coker partnership is a trainwreck


  • GW

    A month ahead of schedule?

    Take it slow; see Gooch and Davies for examples of what happens to guys who come back too soon.


  • abc

    I’m a bit worried about this….

    Bolton have a TON of injury problems right now, and Holden is coming back a month earlier than expected?

    I really hope it’s because Stu had a miraculous recovery and not because Bolton are rushing him back before he is fully ready.


  • Shane

    Bring him back slowly. Please Bolton. Read from some brits he was “rubbish” in the match. But he’s a yank you know, I’m sure British players are 100% after a 6 month layoff due to their superior knowledge of the game.


  • Aquaman

    He broke a condyle of which bone? If I remember correctly, Evans opened a pretty big gash on Holden’s knee. So, I’m guessing he broke the top part of his tibia?


  • spencer

    i think ives just said his knee. But tibia is probably a good guess considering where it was. Now whether it was his lateral or medial if we want to get more specific.


  • Cylo

    Why do we assume that Holden will start in the middle for the world cup team. Doesn’t Davis and Gooch set that example that its a long shot


  • PD

    Hey I’m a fan of this guy and know he’s not getting any younger, but he needs at least a six moths to a year before any serious talk about first squad for Bolton or MNT duty is uttered. Hopefully both will do right by him.

    All that aside I he needs a loan move to a spanish-style league – someplace where he can get his pace and technical skills back without being gang-r@&ed.


  • shane

    just some guys at the match posting online at friends of fulham. have no idea who they are, but not what I would call a “source”. Mentioned it so we all remember how long it’s been since he played.


  • Aquaman

    I was going to ask that in my original post too, but I was scared I was going to get super flamed for being science nerdish.


  • elgringorico

    yeah, source? The article linked to above mentions several times he contributed positively.


  • cajun

    lol..aside from just being on the pitch, how much positives can come out of a 7-nil beat down?


  • Second City

    I don’t think anyone is overreaching when they visualize Holden in the midfield.

    This would be a reality, if not for injures. I’ll concede nothing is a given when factoring in injuries, though.

    Btw, Davis and Gooch aren’t exactly 25/26 years old.


  • Jimmy Bobo

    So we finally get a diagnosis: a tibial condylar fracture. This is a type of tibial plateau fracture which is what I thought Stu sustained from watching the replay from various angles (we all saw those replays). And thankfully, the article mentions that it was a hairline fracture and not something worse. He should recover fully from this injury although it is painful and will take a good bit of time.


  • abc

    This is absolutely ridiculous… the Premier League’s style absolutely fits Holden. He is not a “Spanish-style” player. And that’s why he was doing so damn well at Bolton. He is an aggressive player, that’s what makes him as good as he is, freak injuries happen.


  • Edwin in LA

    Too bad Man United didn’t come to LA this year, I would of given Jonny Evans a piece of my USMNT mind for that criminal tackle that lost us our Center mid that would of partnered perfectly with Jr! Damn you Evans!!!!!!!


  • Steve McSteve

    I think he means Gooch and Davies, and he means the 2010 World Cup. People assumed they would start for us, but then had injuries that they didn’t really recover from. He’s saying people shouldn’t assume anything from Holden until we see him perform at a high level again for Bolton.


  • hogatroge

    You mean WC Qualifying team?

    We shouldn’t assume that. He’s one of the 5 best US players when he’s in form, but he’s just been out for 5 months.

    Barring injury, I would expect him to have recovered in time for the 2014 World Cup though.


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