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Kandji stars as Rapids complete comeback win vs. Metapan


The Colorado Rapids couldn't have gotten off to a worse start in their CONCACAF Champions League match on Wednesday night, surrendering an early penalty to go down 1-0 to visiting Salvadoran side Metapan.

The defending MLS Cup champions didn't buckle though, not even after a Matt Pickens blunder gave Metapan a 2-1 lead. No, the Rapids rode the finishing of Mac Kandji, as well as some questionable officiating, to pull off a 3-2 comeback victory in their first group stage match of the Champions League.

The tide of the match turned dramatically late in the first half when what looked to be a penalty foul by Drew Moor was overturned, so instead of Metapan enjoying a man advantage and drawing a penalty that could have made it 3-1, Metapan watched as one of its own players was sent off for fouling Moor just minutes later.

The Rapids took full advantage of that turn of events as goals from Kandji, his second of the night, and Andre Akpan provided the difference in Colorado's victory.

Here are the highlights:


What did you think of the Rapids' performance? Surprised to see an MLS team get some shockingly bad calls in its favor? Can you see Colorado making a deep CCL run?

Share your thoughts below.

  • RB

    Great to see Kandji back like that! Guy had only played maybe 10 mins (vs SJ over the weekend) since that gruesome injury in the MLS Cup Final last year, but he dances away with 2 goals and an assist here. Is it just my bias or does it seem like he has done more for the Rapids in just a couple of games during that stretch of 9-10 mos than Ballouchy has for NYRB, playing throughout that period?


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Great highlights. Remember when Kandji was the hope of NYRB? Great to see him recover from his injury. You could easily make an All-Star team of player the Metros/Bulls got rid of. Too funny. Hey Ives, how long before the NYRB fire Backe or Soler? Do they get the whole season if they keep up the ties and losses? Thoughts?


  • bushleaguememoirs

    welcome to the original amateur hour. this was the most hilarious game I had ever seen. never had so much fun watching 22+3 idiots pretending to play a soccer match.


  • Wait a Minute...

    I agree, but was surprised that Colorado benefitted from the majority of those bad calls. I don’t know if MLS has won respect in the eyes of the refs or the Don had made them an offer they couldn’t refuse…


  • MSNats

    I just enjoy the music in these concacaf highlights. The only better choice would be creed or nickelback. (sarcasm intended)


  • RB

    Well look at the bright side: whatever else CONCACAF may be doing with its money, we can rest assured they’re not blowing exorbitant sums on the background music for game highlights.


  • MidWest Ref

    Has there been any explanation of what happened at the end of the first half? The FSC announcers were as usual clueless about the actual laws of the game and were of no help.


  • Midwest Ref

    I hope that the US or MLS teams aren’t using up all of the referee karma before we start playing the Mexican league teams in the knock-out rounds.


  • Felix

    First let me say that as an American and MLS fan, I’m rooting for the MLS clubs in CCL.

    That being said, that reversal of the penalty on Drew Moor and potential red card into a (incorrect) offside call was one of the most shocking refereeing desicions I have ever seen.


  • Bubba

    The officiating for this game was terrible. This refferee took Metapan out of the game. Drew Moor was at fault for two penalty kicks and all he got was a yellow. Moor should have headed to the showers early in the first half. After Moor’s second foul the refferee even pointed to the penalty spot, only to later overturn the call and give the Rapids the ball back. Colorado could have pulled off a winning result without the refferee intervening the way he did in the game. This game sure left a sour taste in regards to competent officiating crews.
    Kandji did well and put himself in good positions to score. Good to see he is making his way back to top form.


  • NC Jeff

    The funniest part for me was on CR’s 2nd goal. A defender is asking for offsides, despite being a good 2 steps in front of the pass recipient … along with another defender, literally, along the goal line (with the GK on his line). Maybe he figured the bad calls would continue?


  • chg

    Looked like there was one dive and one foul in the box. The ref just reversed the calls.


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