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Liverpool loans Bijev to Dusseldorf


After signing a deal with Liverpool this summer, American teenager Villyan Bijev is heading out on loan.

Liverpool sent Bijev to Fortuna Dusseldorf in Germany's second division, where he'll get a better chance to secure playing time and develop as a player. The loan extends for the entire season.

Bijev, an 18-year-old forward, played for the club Cal Odyssey before impressing on a trial at Liverpool last month with the club's U-18 team.

Do you think the loan is a solid move for Bijev?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Steve C

    Funny thing I read about the fallout w/ the loan to Genk — Genk actually wanted Liverpool to pay them a fee to take on the loan. lol

    Not that i’m much of a looker, but Villyan is a goofy lookin’ dude.


  • Brian S.

    He looks like all the little kids on the U-16 team I coach. It’s wierd to think he’s a professional. None of the kids on my team have the maturity to go off on their own


  • RChrisW

    Wow, really? Has this ever been done before, because thats one of the more ridiculous things I have ever heard…


  • DC Josh

    Does he consider himself American or Bulgarian? How did his signing with Liverpool not garner more attention? They are a top 4 club after all…


  • Eric

    He’s played for US youth teams and as far as I know never for any Bulgarian teams. Pretty sure he was born and raised in the US as well so i would guess he considers himself American.


  • fubar


    Isn’t that where Col. Hogan, Kinch, Lebow, Carter Sgt. Shultz and Col. Klink hung out?

    The cultural and language barriers will be a challenge.


  • zaggy

    Did this kid play through any of the MLS Cali development academies? Or is this a sign of how wide the gaps are in their territories?


  • twitter.com/FulhamPete

    Awesome! I can actually comment on a kid that’s from MY area (Fresno/Clovis, CA). He attended a rival high school to the one where I teach, but they share many club players. All the students I know who know him have NO idea he’s even ELIGIBLE for Bulgaria. He bleed Red, White & Blue, my friends. Hell, his HS was even Red White & Blue.

    I’d bet his salary that he’ll play for USA if asked.


  • Russell

    this is the kid that came out of no where and had a hat trick during a trial right?

    Sort of interesting (promising?) they sent him on loan to bundesliga2 rather than kept him in theIr youth academy setup alla Llegat..

    The kid must have dominated his local school/club leagues? How tall is this kid?


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