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Montero goal lifts Sounders into Open Cup final

Montero - Getty


It took an impressive Fredy Montero goal to lift the Seattle Sounders past FC Dallas in the US Open Cup semifinal with a 1-0 victory in Tukwila, Washington.

The Colombian striker provided the crucial first-half goal to put the home side into the final of the competition, its third in three years. The goal was Montero's first in five games.

In the 40th minute, Montero received the ball from Alvaro Fernandez on the edge of the FC Dallas area before faking out Ugo Ihemelu and curling a left-footed shot past Kevin Hartman for the 1-0 lead.

FC Dallas continued to put pressure on the hosts, leading attacks through Brek Shea and Marvin Chavez, however neither could find the scoresheet even the latter rattled the lefthand post midway through the second half.

Shortly before the Seattle goal, the Sounders could have been in disciplinary trouble when Leo Gonzalez could have been in danger of being sent off after he brought down Brek Shea with a chance on goal.  However, only a yellow card was issued and Gonzalez was let off the hook.


What did you think about the game?  Think Montero's goal was worth of a match-winner?  Did Gonzalez deserve to be sent off?

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  • WiscFan

    So the Fire finished earlier and the Sounders already have a post. Not even a mention that the Seattle will be playing The Men in Red in the final.


  • cajun

    Gonzo didn’t deserve a sending off for the Brek Shea foul (yellow warranted and given), but probably deserved a second booking send off in the late stages for a couple of rash challenges. That said, it was a great match with both A teams (yes, a jab at the pathetic Red Bulls) in a match that could have gone either way, only seperated by a brilliant Fredy Montero goal.


  • CA

    “in a match that could have gone either way,”

    Certainly Dallas had a couples flashes of brilliance, but I thought overall Sounders were clearly the better side, and deserved the win.


  • Sergio Hernandez

    Agreed. Seattle had more of the ball and had more connecting passes. Dallas looked a bit disjointed at times and didn’t have that many clear looks on Keller. I was rooting for Dallas because I like what the team has done lately. But it was a good win for Seattle.


  • Me

    cajun, NYRB are probably regretting that they didn’t take the Open Cup more seriously, as it is likely they will go yet another year without a Cup.

    Agreed on Gonzo’s tactical fouls. However, both sides made fouls worthy of red cards tonight — yet the ref missed nearly everything.


  • Me

    If I didn’t support the Sounders I would be all for Dallas. It’s a pity that they don’t receive more support for doing all the right things to build a winning club.


  • pdublu

    Montero had a great game, all around. Great hold-up play. Defended very well. Hustled for every ball. And, of course, a sweet goal.


  • dgoshilla

    Until the USOC isn’t a home field tournament for Seattle I don’t rate any of their successes.


  • Terry

    Not correct. The first year Seattle had to win on the road at Portland and win on the road for the final at D.C. Last year they also had to win on the road at Portland. This year yes. All at home, but have your facts straight. It all is still impressive. Give them some credit.


  • Flacotex

    It looked like FCD was out of sorts in the first half. Taking Cruz off, puttin John in and moving Jacobson to M made a big difference for them. Chavez had a chance to tie the game in the last few minutes but hit it too high. And that was that. All in all it was a good match. Good luck to the Sounders in the final, they are hitting on all cylinders right now.


  • philmatt24

    I’m not sure how the tournament determines home field for each game, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Seattle for getting to host the Final or other games. There must be some formula, whether it’s based on past tournament or league success or simple economics (who has a field available, who sells tickets, etc.)


  • Greg S

    It’s a blind bidding system, so for this game, fcd and ssfc both put in bids to host the game without knowing what the other bid. The highest bid then hosts the game and pays the money to the tournament.

    Thus Seattle is in control of hosting – but certainly within the rules. Hyndman said after the game the tourny needed to move away from this system. Do like the FA Cup and just have luck of the draw determine it imho.


  • MensreaJim

    Maybe next time he won’t bear hug a defender from behind while trying to waste time.


  • wides in MN

    Have you ever thought … hmmm … maybe it has to do with different writers being assigned to each game ? And not some perceived bias against your team ?


  • Charles

    Ditto. I can hardly wait for the playoff series.

    WE ARE VERY LUCKY. Too bad not enough realize it in Dallas.


  • Charles

    Reigning 2 time champ versus 4 times winner going for a record 5 times.

    It doesn’t get any better. The CLink will be rocking !

    ThrreeeeeeeeePeeeeeeeeeat !


  • philmatt24

    Thanks for the info. You’re right that it should be changed to a random draw – would give a little more chance to the lower league clubs if they didn’t have to pony up big $ to host an MLS club. But as long as the rules are what they are, can’t blame Seattle for taking advantage.


  • Hincha Tim

    I think you made dgoshilla’s point. Seattle has only had to play 1 game on the road against an MLS team in the last three tournaments? Sounds like homefield advantage to me.


  • roach

    I don’t think it was an on purpose elbow to the face, it was more of a get the hell off my back I’m trying to dribble the ball away from you forearm.


  • stevo

    Dallas were a bunch of thugs. They normally play good ball but i am surprised that the author didn’t mention that Daniel Hernandez should have been sent off multiple times (multiple offenses that should have been his second yellow) before he actually was sent off after the final whistle. This was some of the poorest officiating i have seen in a while. I was in the first row on the center line, so i had a great view. The fourth official right in front of me was visibly embarrassed about the missed calls. Anyway, glad i am not moaning about the ref ruining the game for us. SSFC managed to pull the game out anyway. I have to say Brek Shea is a good player but Zach Scott and Leo Gonzalez absolutely OWNED him last night.


  • Kejsare

    Not to mention that any “play-in” team has to play 2 or more matches to even get the right to play a non-MLS team. Get in that top 6, your path becomes cake, one non-MLS team and then possibly two MLS teams.


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