Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Euan Holden

If you're familar with American left back Euan Holden, younger brother of Bolton star Stuart Holden, you might have been wondering where the former New Mexico defender was plying his trade these days.

Holden is playing in England for Conference National side Stockport County, located near Bolton, and while he has helped his brother through an injury-hit 2011, Euan has continued to keep his playing career going.

Euan showed recently just what sort of skills he still possesses with this impressive goal against Kettering:

  • Bornsteins Mom

    This is a common misperception that Bradley didn’t do a good job of calling in different players. In reality, Bradley called in a ton of players (dual-nationals, and players from leagues all over the world). Bradley had his shortcomings, but looking for Americans around the globe was not one of them.


  • Russell

    This kid is living a dream. Not THE dream but a dream none the less. Houston boy, living with his brother in England.

    Back in 2003 someone would have made a reality tv show out of such stuff.


  • you don't know what you're talking about

    The attendance for the match was ~3,400. Plenty of D2 football teams get that many fans. In fact, the average for the entire D2 is ~3,500, with 55 schools averaging over 3,500. 15 D3 schools average more than that. Even some D1 soccer teams get that many fans. UCSB averages more than that.


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