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Report: Spector on verge of deal with Birmingham City

Spector (ISI photos)

Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISIphotos.com

Jonathan Spector is one of the U.S. men's national team players that Jurgen Klinsmann will be evaluating during his opening weeks as national team coach, and it appears that he'll have a platform for which to showcase his skills.

Spector, a free agent, is reportedly on the verge of signing a two-year deal with an option for a third with League Championship club Birmingham City.

Spector had an interesting season with West Ham last season, going from being kept off the matchday roster to blossoming in a central midfield role. Now it appears that he'll be able to contend for a place either at fullback or in central midfield with Birmingham, which will participate in the UEFA Europa League via its Carling Cup victory while trying to reclaim a place in the Premier League.

What do you think about the potential move? Do you think Birmingham is a good landing place for Spector?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Beckster

    I like it. New Manager for Birmingham has a lot of respect. Always thought Specs would be best in top tier Championship team where he should see lots of playing time and as a defender, don’t have to deal with the EPL speed.


  • JJ's shin

    This is a good move for Spector. He’ll get plenty of minutes because of his versatility. The championship is a good league where he can continue to develop and gain confidence.


  • patrick

    the name of the game this week, and until the seasons start, is to get on a roster. Looks like Spector found himself a nice home for a couple of years.


  • shane

    Cant believe West Ham let him go, but I like B’ham better anyway. Agree this is good


  • AC

    Smart move. The guy knows he needs playing time and the Championship is a quality enough league. It’s not the Premier League of course, but still a good league for playing time and he’ll also get some good competition in the Europa League. Sounds like he’s making a smart move, aka Freddy Adu move to Turkish 2nd division.


  • dylan

    Very solid move, no shame in playing in the Championship league. Quality opponents still and valuable minutes to be had.


  • Ok, I give up

    If he’s getting starts, that should be the basis of the move. I’m tired of our NT players either choosing their destinations poorly or underperforming and riding the bench….whilst starting still for the Nats.

    Hopefully, JK institutes a “you need to start, gentlemen or find somewhere you will” attitude.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Disappointed. I think he is an EPL level player. Surprised he didn’t sign with a an EPL team…


  • wilyboy

    He needs to lock down a position. It’s fine to say he’s a utility player, but not if he’s not proficient enough in any one area to lock down a role.


  • rob

    Isn’t Birmingham at serious risk of going into some sort of financial meltdown? Not an ideal environment, I would imagine.


  • 2

    I’m sure he looked for a PL club to pick him up but most probably felt he was was a bench type player, best for depth. Weird that he didn’t sign with a BUndesliga club as a year ago a few were after him. But I guess Birmingham showed him the money and support and playing in the Europa League will be good for him.


  • MH

    “Do you think Birmingham is a good landing place for Spector?”

    Like any US player in a foreign country, as long as he gets decent playing time it’s good. But as wilyboy says, he needs to become a starter every week.


  • Dontreadondeuce

    I haven’t always been on Spector’s bandwagon, especially when people were saying he should unseat Dolo at Rb after the Confed Cup, but he looked great last year in CM for West Ham during his time on the pitch. He was decisive in the attack and looked much better defensively in the midfield than he did on the flank. He loves getting forward and he’s very dangerous when he does. Even with our loaded midfield, I think he could still bring a lot to the national team.


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