SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Chris Pontius

ChrisPontius1 (ISIPhotos.com)

Chris Pontius endured a rough second season as a professional, dealing with injuries that marred his sophomore campaign after a rookie season that earned him national team consideration.

He has recovered in impressive fashion to put together another strong season, and had arguably his best game of the year on Saturday, scoring two goals in D.C. United's 4-0 win vs. Vancouver. The performance was good enough to earn Pontius SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

Pontius edged out several other good candidates, such as Toronto FC's Joao Plata, Philadelphia's Sebastien LeToux and Chivas USA's Dan Kennedy to name a few.

What did you think of Pontius' performance? Who got your vote for player of the week this week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Beckster

    Totally agree with the Pontius selection and he was MLS player of the week as well. Great to see young US talent doing so well.


  • elgringorico

    3 DCU weeks in a row baby, here we come! Also 3 (maybe 4) rookie of the weeks too, if I’m not mistaken? Look out for us in the playoffs (where are the RBNY fans now?) Bring it!


  • spencer

    I agree, I watched the game and didn’t feel that he did anything spectacular. He was just chosen to do the pk’s. Outside of that he didn’t really lead or guide his team and I don’t think he was the one who drew either pk.


  • Smacky the Frog

    Yeah I agree too. Credit where credit is due though… NO GK saves those PKs. Beastly.


  • boosted335

    Actually his dive to draw George Johns first yellow was pretty spectacular…fooled me until I watched it in slow mo.


  • HandofFrings

    Dude is a stud. I wish my MLS club had traded for him when he was hurt and he was undervalued.



    Party boy is 24. I see him getting some call ups for qualifiers if he keeps up his form. I wouldn’t project him for the WC 2014 though.


  • Lukas

    What is going on with Charlie Davies these days… And I’m not talking about his Twitter page. He seems invisible…


  • ginhumboldt

    Chris Pontius is POTW and Dan Kennedy in the running. Two UCSB boys showing up. Now it’s Eric Avila’s turn in Toronto!


  • kfly

    He’s 24, but even if he were 25, how is that not young? It’s well before his primer, which he will probably enter around 27.


  • kfly

    He’s been dealing with nagging injuries lately, so he hasn’t seen much playing time. But even before that, his production had sloped downwards.

    Hopefully he gets a second wind sometime soon. It’d be great to have De-Ro, Pontius, Najar, and Davies firing on all cylinders heading into the playoffs.


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